Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Clermont 'Cross v.2011

Wow a year has going by quick. This is a tough course and I can remember the course from last year clearly in my mind still. That one was a classic layout. This year's layout was difficult but didn't flow as well as last years; It was something.
The race started on an uphill road climb, then turned left to go down a slight downhill with a hard sandy right hand turn then a climb. It went slightly up then a tough to make climb on the bike after two low hoppable barriers with a short flat section and then a downhill better suited for a mountain bike than a 'cross bike....not a recovery downhill for sure. Back close to the start finish up some stairs across a sandy flat top then up another shorter climb, more climbing then a down hill that swung down to the barrier section and then a flat to the short downhill section, pavement across the start finish line and back up the pavement climb to do it all over again.

The 45 minute race didn't start til noon (a good thing) but there were only 4 flights; I (Masters 45+) was in the same flight as the CAT3 & 4s. We had a 10 meter staggered start but that was kinda nutz. A total of roughly 30+ people were in the flight.

I felt as good as I could for the first two laps; due to the mass start I was in a crappy position, but not too far back. I caught and passed some folks and when I saw Scotty, I knew I needed to stay close to him. I actually passed him and got a gap on him, but by then lap 3 had hit me pretty hard; I was 30 seconds slower than lap two and then lap 4 was 12 seconds slower than 3. The damage was done and Scotty had passed me; I kept him in close sight but not close enough and he finished ahead of me by 15 seconds. 5th place for me. Damn. The Garmin data is here. I finished 16th overall in my flight and 5th in the 45+ Masters cat.

Carol took care of Sadie, I hung out with the 66Fixed crew drank a few adult beverages and helped team mate Scott Atkins with some water hand offs...it was in the 80's by then and hot. Even though I brought my camera, due to the shorten race day, I didn't get any pictures. Big thanks go out to Michelle Blake for taking great shots after kicking butt in her race.

I didn't race the next day due to the course looking like a fast dirt crit.....not my cup of tea and until I get entry fees partially back, I'm going to pick in choose the races I'm willing to travel and pay for.

Still good times.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Infinity 'Cross Race

My 2nd race of the "season", yes for most people I know that race; thier season is winding down or finished. That's why it's tough for me to get going on the FL season, but today's race was 75'F at the start...go figure.
I'm not in the shape I'd like to be...keeping the pressure on from the hole shot through the first lap is not where it should be for me.
I started well then dropped back like a bomb then started fighting my way up again....ended up dragging Russel with me for 2+ laps (he said he couldn't help was just trying to stay on - right I thought to myself). At the bell lap I said enough of pulling him...I didn't see anybody in front of me and I wasn't going to pull him to the finish to have him come around me to edge me out so I almost did a track stand to get him to come around to work and he tried to jump on a 35+ plus guy that came around us. He was hoping to gap me with that but I stuck on his wheel and saw him see that and realize I was still on him. I ended up catching him and passing him in the last technical section. He helped make the race a fun one for me....4th again. Garmin data showed I didn't leave much out there so I need to do better training wise for the first 8 minutes of the race.

After the race, I took some pictures with Sadie in tow and drank a couple of adult beverages with Steve the winner of my CAT.

I ended up camping out with Sadie at Sebastian Inlet State Park....it rained most of the time but I'm going back again soon to check the surfing and kayaking out there.

Good times.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Shoot Cyclocross Race

We have only just started 'cross season here. Something about racing in above 80' weather makes it tough to think about doing cross!
This race is a favourite of mine; it's in Tampa (close), it's a technical course and it has great views of Tampa bay.
My race (45+) was at 9:30am and I was picking up Tony do it was a 7am leave the house time...

I was liking/hating this technical course...it suited me and I knew it well...I should have done better than 4th. A great battle for 3-5 was going on and the best I could do was 4th. The Garmin data showed what I felt...I didn't leave anything out there.

Here's some photos I took after my race was done.....


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Black Mass 6 Alleycat Race 10/27

I really enjoy (in a sick way) these different types of "races" than what I normally do. Since we were supposed to be in some kind of costume; I decided to pull out my old Cipo kit.

I had done the 5AM ride that morning....34 pretty fast miles so I thought I was going to chill on this and just enjoy a few tasty beverages at the end of the race.

What's this all about...budda skat summed it up pretty well.....

9 total, 3 on each manifest

Unmanned, but marked with glow sticks. Each checkpoint had a scary phrase or name of a B horror movie on it. You had to write this on your manifest. Correctly.

How local did a participant need to be?
Well... there were no maps, just checkpoints on paper with relative addresses. Couldn't even really google map it if you tried. And half the checkpoints were either behind, through, in the back of, or hidden close to where was actually described on the manifest.

How was the winner decided?
First to finish everything correctly.

Was their points?
Nah... only bragging rights.


How did the race work?
We rode out to the starting point and had to dock our bikes. We were then given a single manifest with 3 checkpoints, north and south of town. We were to return to 66 fixed after completing all checkpoints... as described above. At that time a second manifest was given out, again with three checkpoints. Rinse and repeat... again... totaling 9 checkpoints. From what I've experienced at the Black Mass races... you get there with the intention of it being a fairly decent race, and it then ends up making you either hate yourself for coming out, or hate the organizers for fooling you. (Sarcastic of course... its an awesome race, if you're not a wuss).

So did I chill? Well, that didn't happen and I tried to chase down Michael with Ted's help but that wasn't going to happen. Rode hard for about 27 miles and came in 3rd with Ted right behind me. Good times.

The results:
Thanks to everyone who made it out and rode that third manifest! I'd like to look forward to more races of similar style, hint, hint.


1. Ben Pridgeon - St Pete : Overall Winner and first guy

2. Michael Davis - St Pete

3. Rick Adams - Dunedin

4. Ted Lee - St Pete

5. Todd Frain - St Pete

5. Ian Ayotte - St Pete

7. David Horst - Tampa : Best Costume (Alex from Clockwork Orange, or was he Dim?)

8. Justin Ahearn - St Pete

9. Erin McKee - St Pete : First Girl (also first race)

10. Klaus Gopfert - St Pete

11. Leigh Barnard - St Pete

12. Badda Skat - St Pete

13. Brad Marcel - Tampa

14. Brandon House - St Pete

15. Chris Nadeau - St Pete : DFL

- Clinton Hamilton - St Pete
- Kelly Campana - Tampa
- Andrew Schlag - Clearwater
- Cate Kaelber - St Pete
- James Thomas - St Pete
- Jonathan Kovalik - St Pete
- Lauren Prestwood - St Pete
- Robert Dunfey - St Pete

- Paul Rozelle - St Pete

The biking vibe in St Pete is great....I just found out that the cool shop that has helped put on many of the races is shutting its doors. I hope that doesn't effect the vibe. Best wishes to Michael & Carol of 66Fixed in your next adventure!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Mountain Bike Race

No this is not where I raced!

It's been a LONG time since (2004?) I put a number on and raced a MTB. I wanted to try a race since there was one going on somewhat close (1-1/2 hours away) at Alafia State Park. to where I live. After some thought, I decided to race GM-3 (grand masters - base) or the old slow farts race. It would be one 10 mile loop. I left early in the morning to get there in time to do a pre-race lap - it's a tough techincal course depending on how they laid out the race course. I was going to race the only thing I had; my Ellsworth Enlightenment 29er SS. I got there (I had to leave Sadie at home) and got on the course at 8:25am....it was a tough/fun layout and I ended up falling 3 times just in the warm up lap. I watched the 1st wave go off and helped Tony, one of the team's expert racers with the feed area.Tony is #105

It was soon my turn to line up at the start line....I think there was about 15 of us and I knew with my gearing (34/18) I wasn't going to be getting the hole shot against a bunch of geared bikes. To my surprise I still ended up 5th position at the start of the singletrack. Things were going well until my front wheel washed out going pretty fast and I bit it hard - knocking off the visor off my helmet! I lost about 4 places and got back on. Pretty soon I was catching some of the riders that went before my group and a couple in my catagory. I stuck with then passed a guy in my class only to wipe out again and have him pass me. I kept him in sight and was thinking of when to pass again when we came up to 3 riders and he made a great pass where as I couldn't get around them for a long time. By the time I did I thought it wasn't going to happen and just kept going. Finally I saw the guy not far away (he had fallen he told me later) so I got back on him and was closing down on him ready to pass right before the finish line on a dogleg turn and he went down right in front of me....I couldn't get around him and he was able to hold me off and came over the line just in front of me.....5th place for me.

While I was dissapointed in 5th place....I did have "fun" (if it's lots of pain you looking for) and was happy but beat up after the race. I'd like to do some more of this race series if the location works out and hopefully I could bring Sadie with me. It looks like I'll be doing more CX races than MTB races though do to the format of the road trip racing over two days for cx instead of just one for MTB.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

What have I been up to?

It's been more than a month....with Face Book it seems that's how everyone keeps up to date with each other. With all the changes FB has had I'm thinking maybe it is just a big time suck, but that's a different subject matter for a different post. My training/riding had falling off to almost nothing and the motivation to train/race wasn't really there. What's happened during this time? - I got rid of the Honda Element.....the % was too high and I couldn't get it refi'd
- I purchased a Ocean Kayak Nalu 12.5 hybrid SUP/Kayak; I really like it and Sadie can ride on it with me.
- I'm starting to ramp up the miles (slowly) to get ready for 'cross season down here in FL....it's still 90'F during the day so it's kinda hard to get into the mood so far. - my company I work for is selling me (cheap) my company minivan with mucho (195K) miles on it but it should last another 6-10 months - Aaron came to visit during the Labor Day Holiday and we had a blast.
- the job is going well...it will be interesting when my lease is up here in March 2012. Ciao, Rick

Friday, August 12, 2011

F.U.CX. Cyclocross Race

FUCX - Florida Underground Cyclocross is something I have gotten involved with: we have done one practice race and just did a "real" race last Sunday.

I helped setup the course; yes that means getting up and on the road b/f 6AM. FUCX!

The course design was cool and we (3 of us) got it up and ready by 8:30am.

I was racing with the fast guys (As); we were going to do 1 hour plus two laps but with the heat at 90+ already we decided to make it 45 minutes plus two.

We did a parade lap so everyone would see the course and then started the race.
A ">video of the race was done by Jeb....

Because of the mixed fields and I wasn't sure who was still ahead of me...I had no idea of how I was doing other than I was deep in the hurt locker. I thought I was doing well and was catching people that were ahead of me; I caught one guy who said to me he had thought I was going to lap him...I wiped out in the deep sand turn and he caught and passed me...I thought no big deal...but wondered why he was putting in a big effort to get a big gap on me.

By that time it didn't matter and I was hurting pretty bad...I sucked it up and finally heard the 2 laps to go....idontknow about you but when I hear the bell go of, it means ONE to go. I used to 2nd to go to recover a bit and make sure nobody caught me and was only lapped by two people so I worked the last lap as hard as I could go....telling myself that I wouldn't have to do any of this stuff again!

Here's the Garmen data of my slow suffering.

With all of that said...I ended up in 4th! The bad news is that the guy that was acting like I was lapping him was actually in front of me and took 3rd! Damn.

It was good times regardless and it only took me 3 days to recover.....:-)


No More Bunny-Hopping Early in the morning

I normally do a Tuesday & Thursday EARLY (5:00AM) morning group training ride.

As anybody that knows me well knows I'm not a "morning person". I have worked hard at being able to wake up @ 4:15AM for these rides due to it's the only way I can get in 34 miles each of those mornings b/f I have to go to work.

The rides go like clockwork normally with warm up/attacks/regroup and then turn a round and head back hard.....

This one was much like any other one...'cept once we did the Sand Key bridge and heading behind the hotel row....they were bunching up/slowing down at usually one of the fastest places. I drifted into the center turning lane to see what was up and was looking over at the peloton when I looked in front of me (it's dark and early, right) and saw what looked like a curb. Instead of jamming on my brakes I thought (this happened real fast) I'd just bunny hop the "curb"; I did just that but when in mid-air noticed that there was a second curb behind it that I also needed to clear! "SHIT" I yelled and tried to continue to pull up on the bike to clear both.

My front cleared both but the back hit the second pretty (REAL HARD & A LOUD NOISE)hard and blew out the tire and trashed the rim. Sand Key Group Ride* by rickadams60 at Garmin Connect - Details">Here's the Garmen data on the ride.

Trent was nice enough to get his van, pick me up and drop me off at my house.

After looking at it in close to daylight....I don't think I could have escaped that well if I tried to.

I need to have my coffee before these rides and be more alert!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

12 Hours of St Pete Alleycat Race 7-9-2011

Jake & Sonny
That's me on the right....

I had wanted to do this race but the other part of my two person team couldn't get off work so it looked like I wasn't going to be racing.

Until Friday afternoon, Sonny contacted me and thought he might be able to expand his two person team into a 4 person team. At about 5-6PM I was on the team.

Sonny, Jake, Ben and I made up the team. I had some mad packing and organizing to do and although I wanted to ride the race on my fixie, I was going to bring my BMC geared bike as the backup.

We were Team Mullet....Ben was going to ride the first two laps, followed by Jake then Sonny with me last.

Ben had a great first lap while we rode the course but then had a crash on the 2nd lap and lost contact with the first (fast) group....which was going to make it tough getting back to the lead group. Jake went next and wanted to do 3-5 laps in a row. In hindsight that kinda sucked for the rest of us because Sonny & I didn't get to do a first lap until the heat of the day the day had set in around 2PM. We had thought each of us would do two laps at a shift but the mid day heat was too much for that so the 3 of us (Ben, Sonny & I) rotated every lap. Jake was done for the day it seemed. The ride with the fixie was fine, I just ended up doing it solo and in the wind the gearing was getting to me a bit. I thought I could shave some time off my laps (as did the rest of my team) by using the BMC. The first two laps I did I messed up 1-2 check points resulting in not so great times....the last two I nailed. It was pretty hot n humid...I ended up changing into a fresh kit for my final 2 laps and I think it helped.

We did OK and I ended up two two consecutive laps at the end so we could finish with 14.

3 yummy beers later after I rolled in with 5 minutes b/f the race was over I started feeling better.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Le Tour De Dank 4 Alleycat

I wasn't feeling good about this; I was still getting over my cold with low/no miles under my belt but figured I'd give it a go. I had set up the fixie with brakes due to the bridges (hills). I had kayaked before the race but was feeling OK. I rode to the race and was there just as they were giving out maps. I wanted to go with what would be the lead group and try to get the hole shot. I was able to be in the top 5 at the start and we quickly got a gap b/t us and the 90 some odd people doing the race. I felt pretty good on Memorial and Sand Key bridge but got gapped on Belliare Bridge and right before the 5th check point lost sight of the lead group and got lost trying to find that check point. I was counting on staying on and didn't memorize the map...epic fail on my part. I ended up seeing Michael and he & I found it and started riding hard again. We got to the 6th check point with 7 guys in front of us and headed for the final check point and then the finish. Michael told me to go ahead and I was just trying to hold on to 8th when I took a wrong turn and by the time I got to the start/finish I ended up 11th OA. Pretty disappointing due to this being in my area and getting dropped at the final bridge....still a fun way to spend an afternoon. I didn't know where everyone was going to be so I ended up hanging out with Zach and the crew...and not being able to unlock Zach's lock until it was cut off by Heidi's friend, Mark.

I wasn't really too happy about dropping that many places......in my own neighborhood!


The Results:
Fixed – Male
1. Tyler Rose (1 hr)
2. Sean Lynch
3. Taylor Norton
4. Paul Rozelle
5. Mike Weimar
6. David Horst
7. Michael Davis
8. David Fitzgerald
9. Ben Pridgen
10. Rick Adams

Overall Finish
1. Tyler Rose (1 hr)
2. 2. Sean Lynch
3. Gabe Crisler
4. Taylor Norton
5. Paul Rozelle
6. Mike Weimar
7. David Horst
8. Michael Davis
9. David Fitzgerald
10. Ben Pridgen
11. Rick Adams
12. Geoffrey Holtman
13. Kirsten Johnson
14. Bryan McGuine
15. Travis Nolan
16. Mondo Mike Hall
17. TIII
18. Adam Vacha
19. James Mitchell
20. Sonny Kennedy

Here's the Garmen Data:
Tour De Dank AlleyCat race by rickadams60 at Garmin Connect - Details">

Kayaking at Caladesi and Weedon Island State Parks

John had invited us down to his place in St Pete to try kayaking at Weedon Island and had a Hobie kayak for me to use; the pedaling system in it is really cool...it's like pedaling a bicycle instead of paddling

We did get attached by about 5000 bugs when we went into the mangrove canopy! After a fast retreat we ended up doing 2.5 miles according to my Garmen. We went swimming in his pool afterwards and then to my race.

The Hobie was something that I would get if the $ was available.....


Kayaking Off the Dunedin Causeway

Heidi had a friend that would loan me his kayak and trailer so the Element could pull it with my new hitch I had put on it. Heidi wanted to go to one of her faviourite places - Caladesi Island off of the Dunedin Causeway. Other than a few bugs it was fun not having a ton of people around....the water here is pretty warm - 90'F!

Perfect weather and we took out drinks and snacks and had a great time.

Nice and peaceful.


Sickness strikes

Long story short...was doing two two hundred plus miles back to back and on my third week of doing 200+ when I got something from (I think) someone in my office.

Knocked me out enough to miss two+ weeks of training and a race plus kill my miles.

It will be a long slow road back.

At least the first part of the race season is done til Fall & I did get in 6 races already....we will see how the fall road season and 'cross season goes.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BMC is back!

Everyone knows how bummed I was when the doofus knocked me into a signpost during the GearLink Cup and broke the carbon seat stay on the non-drive side of my BMC SLX01.

Through a buddy of mine (Craig) and the bike shop he goes to (OutSpoken - Clearwater, FL) he told me about The Frame Doctor and I figured that it would be worth the $300.00 to see if it could be fixed....the BMC is a $2K frame.



To say I'm happy with the results would be a huge understatement! It only took like 3weeks to do!

So if you have a wreck on a carbon bike...this is the guy to see.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brandon Twlight Crit (4-30-11)

I could only do one race this last weekend and I decided to do the Brandon Twilight Crit. I have developed a real talent for picking the wrong venue to go to and this proved correct also.

I'm not knocking the race or the team (AJ's) that put it on: I like a lot of the guys on that team and thought I'd support them. The course was a closed track and had no bad turns on it. A perfect power riders course.....and my least favorite, except for that there shouldn't be any crashes on it. Add it that the size of the group racing was kinda small (26). The race was at 3PM and by then it was well over 90'F. I also had brought Sadie with me and for once she wasn't behaving too well and she was keeping me from doing a very good warm up.

The race started pretty fast and within 3-4 laps and break had gone without any of my team members in it. We had 3 people and the two other guys went up front to try to bring the break back....AJ's had a guy in the break and was doing everything they could to break up anyone chasing them back in. My two guys & I were trying to work together....after a while I was still feeling like crap and I fell back from them and in the second chase group. The lead 3 riders lapped us with 3 to go; nobody else got by.

I finally felt better and was working to get back some of the guys that went up. By the time the bell lap was rung, the group I was in was bringing more back. At the last turn Scott's team mate Bruno had signaled to Scott that he would lead him out...I jumped before they could set that up and went by them. I ended up coming in 10th. My team mates finished 4th and 9th. The AJ's guy that made the break had fallen off the break and didn't even podium.

My data from the race is here.

This is my best finish so far this season of 6 races that I've done; I'm not happy with my performance but I am making some progress.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fixied Fight 5 Alleycat Race (4-23-11)

I really enjoy doing these AlleyCat races on my fixie....it's a completely different type of race and riding (and group of people). Plus, it's in St. Pete, so I know that area pretty well. An AlleyCat race is basically a race that is styled after what messengers do for a living; go to different stops as quickly as possible and pickup/drop off something to each "check point".

Here's the data on the course from my Garmin.

156 people had signed up for the race; Fixie/Single speed and geared bikes, "racer types" along with the shorts-n-t-shirts crowd. It's a Lemonds style start and unfortunately there was a bad crash at the start behind me once everyone had gotten on their bikes. There were more crashes at this race than normal...I'm sure it was due to the large field size.
The difference for this race was that at each check point you got a map that showed were the next check point was, which made it more difficult but a touch slower than normal. IO was lucky enough to stay on the top group of 5-6 riders (which had to include Pete) the whole time; the first two-three check points had up to twenty riders but it soon thinned out. Flats and crashes/near misses cut our group down to just five people. It was hot and having water was going to be important; I had two bottles with me....unfortunately, on the "pave' section" many people lost one or two of their bottles. I didn't know it until later but I had lost one of mine. We kept going and a guy from Miami and I were hanging on; I had run out of water and didn't know how much longer the race was going to be going on. We only made one wrong turn and that's were I almost got dropped from the lead group...lucky for me the check point was back a long sandy/grassy road and I was able to ride 1/2 of it and catch back on. Pete had ridden the whole thing and had gaped us. We were not going to be able to bring him back and and the guy from Miami flatted there so it was down to three in the chase group with 2 more check points to go I think.
Before the race started the organizer had told everyone that the number card everyone got would determine the placing for everyone....you had to give it at the finish line and that's how placing would be done. right.
Well, at the last check point I knew where we were and where we needed to get to...I was behind Elizabeth and Giorgio had dropped behind me. I sat up the last 100 meters to grab my number out of my kit pocket and that's when Giorgio went by me...I calmly gave my number to them b/f he did and expected to be 3rd OA and 2nd place for male fixie....it didn't work out that way and I should have just gotten to the line first and worry about that damn number later. I did win some cool DVS shoes that I can pick out so 3rd ain't so bad. Lot's of luck is needed to do well in one of these.

The top ten placings:
1 Pete Young Tampa
2 Elizabeth Hill St. Petersburg
3 Giorgio Torregrosa Orlando
4 Rick Adams Dunedin
5 Ben Pridgeon St. Petersburg
6 Daniel Gochneaur Tampa
7 Bryan McGuire St. Petersburg
8 Kirstin Johnson Washington, DC
9 Klaus Gopfert St. Petersburg
10 TIII West Palm Beach

Great times and people along with free PBRs made for a great day.


Chain of Lakes Road Race and TT (4-2-11)

After all the crashes and the disappointment I had in the Tampa Crit....I thought a Road Race would be a good way to break out of my funk. Plus, I thought trying a Time Trial would be "fun" to do on the same day. I decided to try again the CAT4s....I knew Craig and David were going to racing that along with some of my GearLink team mates.

Well some team mates help out by watching Sadie for me and I go to get warmed up. It's a big field and the double-yellow line is going to be strictly enforced which means a NASCAR style road race where getting in position will be very tough. True to form, the CAT4s bunch up, attack, set in and bunch up again...interval work and very frustrating to race. On lap two I end up getting pushed off the road by a guy; I recover nicely by "calmly" riding off the road for 10 meters than gently coming back on the road without missing a beat. To say that I'm happy that I didn't freak out and go down is an understatement and the guy that caused it was really bumming that he cause it. No blood, no foul.
It takes me 1 & 1/2 laps on the 13 mile course to work my way up to the front...we slow up again and I say "f it" and go to the front to pull hard and try to string the group out. Two others come up with me and will work but the "Colombians" are more than happy to chase and then sit in/bunch up. Good grief.
So I try to keep in good position for the remainder of the race and will try to lead out a couple of my team mates who are doing well in the points classification. I get great position and talk with Jason on what I'm thinking about and then at the 2K sign to the finish, I suddenly have a terrible cramp in my left thigh....I let Jason know and try to spin out the cramp losing positions as I do. I spin out the cramp and think I can still sprint for a pretty good finish. Well during the race there were 2-4 strong but squirrely riders and I was able to keep away from them most of the time...unfortunately one goes for the sprint, freaks out and somehow losing a tubie right in front of me....
I end up going off road again and almost getting knocked over...I jump back on the road but the best I can do at that point is 19th. Can you see me in the two photos?

Bummer. But that's FL racing.

So in less than 2 hours after finishing the roadrace I'll be doing my first TT ever Merckx style. Let's just say it was 8 miles of pain and hoping I wouldn't cramp up, start crying like a little gurl and be able to finish it. I ended up around 19th in the CAT4s. My lame data on that is here. The course started down hill with the wind at your back, then some rollers with the wind at your side and finishing with the uphill and the wind dead on. I'm glad I tried it and would like to try the fixie at the Ft Desoto TT sometime.

I'm missing my BMC SLX01 by the way.....


Tampa Twlight Crit (3-26-11)

This was my A race for the season....it is a technical course that goes on in a cool part of downtown Tampa. I watched it and took pictures last year and wanted to race it but got pretty sick the week before the race.

Due to all of the crashes that I've been involved with while racing with the CAT(Crash)4s I decided to race with the Masters 45+. It should be safer but a lot faster. Some ex-pros were going to doing that race.
I prepared for the race well and felt well during the group rides and the B group training crit; I didn't go out Friday night......all in prep for the afternoon race.
I arrived there on time....hooked up my bike on a trainer provided by the race sponsor and ended up warming up next to the winner of the race, an ex-pro.
The race started and I was in great position; around the top ten for 2-3 laps. The group started coming up and around and I think I was too cautious due to my crash two weeks before and lost 10 spots or so. Another couple of laps went by and after turn two I was towards the back and my legs were cramping up anytime I got out of the saddle to stay in the group coming out of turns. It got bad enough were I ended up getting dropped. I figured to just finish the race and see if I could spin my legs out and jump back on. No such luck.

Despite getting dropped and lapped, I still enjoyed riding the course. I was just extremely bummed that I didn't do better. Everyone said later it was the hardest race they had done so far this season.....yeah, it was hot, but no excuses, I just had a bad day. My data from my Garmin.

At least there wasn't a crash in our race; the CAT4s had one in the bell lap....

There more races to go.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1st Racing Weekend - Woodlands & GearLink Cup

Wow, I didn't realize that I haven't done ANY race reports.

My first race of the 2011 Season would be the Woodlands Classic (3/12/11). It's good because it's where we do the training crit every Weds so I know ever bump/crack/hole on the course. I had decided to do the CAT4 group due to lack of fitness and I wanted to race with guys that I was used to racing with. I had decided to ride my bike to the race (20 miles), do the race and ride or get a ride back. I was having two of our Pro's (James & Rad) stay over my place for the race the next day.

I got to the race in plenty of time and kept loose. The race started and went like this when with only 5-6 laps to go a terrible crash happened and the race was neutralized. After the course was cleared, the race resumed....this killed any chance for the stronger riders to separate themselves from the weaker ones and the resulting sprint was a mess....I didn't keep the position I wanted and ended up coming in at 18th. I waited to watch the Pros and then rode home after their race. James and Rad are cool guys and it was nice having them stay over and chat with them.

The next day was my team's race - The Gearlink Cup and everyone was supposed to be there early...I brought Sadie with me and arrived on time only to find out I wasn't needed. I ended up shooting some photos while I waited for the CAT4 race. The course had two technical turns and was fun to ride on. After the crash the day before (the CAT4s are really sketchy) I was either starting at the front or the very back. I chose the front and rode 2nd wheel for 2-3 laps. I faded back a bit then fell back to the back after another 4-5 laps. I was working my way back up when on the S turn I felt a push from the inside right when I was next to the curb moving at around 24-25 and heard someone say "sorry" and then I went off the road and hit a sign post. Next thing is I'm on my back and seeing if I've broken anything...ok, no and I throw my helmet in discuss for having been pushed off the road when I was feeling pretty good. I then look at my bike and realize that it took the brunt of the hit from the sign post. Damn. I get on the bike and ride to the start/finish line for the neutral support tent to check out my bike and see if I can get a "free lap" and get back into the race. With only 5 laps to go....no go on the free lap. Damn. The mechanics said it looked like the seat stay was cracked and I was out of the race....I figured "screw-it" and finish the race anyway. I finished the race and ended up with a broken bike and a super sore thigh. Stats are here.

Not a great start or even a good start for my season if factoring in breaking my BMC.

That's Racing....


New Bike/Broken Bike

Before (new)
and after the wreck (more on that later)

This is the shortest I've owned a bike and then had it break on me. Actually I got pushed into a post during a race and the above is what happened.

Lucky for me Cliff was able to find a demo/loaner for me and get me back racing...
These BMCs are very different bikes; the SLX01 (carbon rear and top tube) has a longer top tube and more std geometery whereas the SL01 (carbon rear seat stays) has a compact frame.
I may have the SLX01 fixed....more later.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aaron's Visit

I was flying my son down from Cleveland to visit me and was taking off (for the first time in 2 years) a Friday & Monday. This 4 days has been a blur so I wanted to jot down what we did before I forgot some of the details.

Friday morning we went to Honeymoon Island's "dog beach" to hang out with Sadie, cook some hot dogs and just hang out at the beach. It was nice (you must keep your dog on a leash at this beach) but was pretty windy, er really windy. We saw the sunset in Dunedin and then to relax in the hot tub and watch a movie.

On Saturday we drove to Tampa and Aaron and Sadie "helped" me keep laps/assign primes/write down the podium for the A & B race at the Tampa Crit. After that we went to the "dog beach" at Davis Island and had a cookout out and played with Sadie; it was a great time. We dropped Sadie off and headed back to my brother's gym and then home; we went to the Dunedin Brewery and then after dinner a friend stopped by to see my place and meet Aaron.

Sunday we took a slow drive down to Pass A Grill after I got back from a 35 mile solo ride. We ate at the Brass Monkey (yum) and then hung out at the beach....it was a perfect day. After getting back we were invited for dinner at a friend's in St Pete and brought Sadie with us; it was a nice evening.

Monday had me renting a tandem kayak and packing up a small cooler, backpack, the dog and Aaron for an adventure. If it wasn't too windy I had wanted to go to Honeymoon Island and paddle to an Island to play/eat at.
Well, the wind had kicked up from 7kts to what I was guessing to be 15-20 kts....I only really knew how windy it was once we got in the water. Long story short, the boat flipped over; luckily, I had secured all the "extra things" we had brought with us...Aaron stayed calm and even though Sadie loves to swim...I took her over to the shore then got back to the kayak, flipped it back over, had Aaron hold on to it and swam out to get the paddles which had drifted away....Aaron helped get the kayak back to the seawall then we put it back onto the van. I asked him if he wanted to drop Sadie off at home and try it again on a more secluded spot and he said sure. That was awesome of him and we put the kayak back into the water at Safety Harbor and had a great time....he even got the hang of paddling.

After that it was getting to be time to get him back to the airport so we dropped off the kayak and went home to shower and go to the airport for pizza and wait on his plane.

It was one of the best times that I have had with him in a long, long time.

Back to work and training on my bike for the race season that has already been underway for a month!