Monday, December 3, 2012

Update long over due

This is crazy late but let's just say I've been pretty busy!

I left my job at Finn Marketing for the Sales Manager position at Chainwheel Drive bike shop in September, traded in my beat company minivan that I bought cheap for a used 2009 Mini Cooper,
retired the Ellsworth Scant and am riding a 2012 Specialized S-Works Venge
I did the Horrible 100 also (more on that later) with folks from Gearlink & the MCC crew.
....and Melissa & I are still seeing each other
and are going to move into a house
(that's right a rental house) together.

Things are not easy but definitely worth it and much better than before. I have much to be happy about and not due to processions but how life is going in general.

I'll do a break down on the above as time allows.....I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season!