Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life in Lutz (Tampa)

I've been at my new job since Dec 1st and living with my brother in Lutz. It has been quite the "culture shock" coming from San Diego, CA to here and working for Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles to Finn Marketing Group.
I went from surfing 1-2 mornings b/f work and riding on my bike to work to driving to work, gaining mucho weight and not having much to surf.....not bad just different.
Lutz is more like a sleepy suburb whereas Poway (San Diego) was in the middle of a great activity area; surf/road/mountain bike within minutes of where I lived.
I've been doing as many group rides to meet people and get to know the area better; once my house/car situation gets figured out, I'll be looking for a better place to move to activity wise and hopefully ride to my office.
So the weight is coming off, I'm getting over a cold I just got and everything is still going well; the racing will have to take a back burner for awhile I guess.
Oh, due to my new location and a significant kit change, I'm no longer on Team Snakebite Racing. I wish the team and the current officers the best and I'll continue to follow the team and wear the old kit....I think any racing I do this year will be as a GDI....kinda like starting over again, huh?