Friday, February 20, 2009

Surfing Part Duex

(no this is NOT me, I just took the photo)

So today didn't go as well as yesterday, way bigger waves and I was already worn out before I even got going.

My board decided to let me know I wasn't worthy by adding a lump to my head after one spectacular ejection from the board.

I finally wised up after two hours and got out the trusty NIKON for some shots of the real surfers.

Please note what this guy is doing with a LONG BOARD....whoa!



The language of surfers.....

Went out for 4 hours yesterday and am leaving soon for more this morning.

Peace out, Brah.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More biking in FL

Pictures from the San Antonio Road Race....yes there are some nasty rollers/hills in FL!

I'm riding almost everyday...I haven't raced down here yet. I don't think my conditioning is there yet and it's mid season for folks down here. I have taken photos of an old SBR team mate, Chris B on two races. It's a BIG scene down here and there are some nice folks that I've ridden with and met. I did ride 20 miles during the race getting into position to take photos lugging my NIKON D40X around!

My right knee is killing me; I think it's from using my Specialized old shoes with my new Crank Brothers Quattro pedals. My left foot went numb and then hurt to the point that I couldn't hardly pedal with it during my 77 mile ride. I think my right leg/knee over compensated for that and is why it hurts. I think with the cleats on better shoes the Quattros would work out fine. Once I get back to Ohio I'll put them on the Ritchey Ti for a better evaluation using my SIDI storm winter's still snowing up there. right?

Soooooo, in the mean time I've put the Speed Plays back on and will see if that helps.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Biking in FL

Other than interviews/trade shows and taking personality profiles, I have been back on the bike (finally).
Last week Chris B. was kind enough to let me stay at his place during the show and we went on several rides together and one day I rode with the Trigators ( The last ride shook me out of my funk....rough totals for that week....118 miles and 3100 cals (yes, I'm trying to loose my Jan weight gain).
So far this week 3 rides and roughly 125 miles....I'm taking today off or just a short recovery ride after yesterday's 77 miles and going to the beach.
I really don't want to come back up north until the weather gets better!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

R & R Time in FL

Finally.....I've been interviewing & doing fun things like personality profile tests and have just completed the last of them this morning.

I'm going to check out the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail; it looks like 33 miles one way and shouldn't be crowded during the cars to worry about. It's the same ride Gary & I did a couple of years ago except I'm doing the whole route (and no Pat - sorry).

More later....gotta get out.