Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mountain Biking in FL?

Yes there is great mountain biking in FL. This is the second time I've been to Alafia River State Park and I think it's a blast to ride.

Alafia River State Park by rickadams60 at Garmin Connect - Details

I met up with Chris B and two buddies of his today.

More later....bed time and a road ride tomorrow morning.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tampa Crit

The Tampa Crit is something I wanted to do in a bad way...short story is I was making progress in my conditioning and then got sick again 4-5 days before the race.

That sucked and I'm racing down here as a GDI so I thought it would be dumb to race not feel'n it so I went and took photos of it.

So I got better rode well for another couple of weeks and got hit again by another cold...laying low for a week but am going to go out for an easy ride tomorrow night.

Best of luck for my northern friends entering race season now.

As far as my racing season.....we will see.