Friday, January 30, 2009

Cervelo News from Bike Authority

The picture from my cell doesn't do it justice.

Unfortunately due to the terrible weather we had on Wedsnesday....not many people got to see this tasty piece of biking porn.

Bike Authority will be one of the few shops getting many of these in this year.

Call them to check it out.


Bike Fitting at Bike Authority

The Bike Authority now offers Dartfish.......and I wanted to see if anything had changed on my Cervelo R3 (I had been changing parts on it) and compare it to my Ritchey Ti.

It's a great way to get fitted and Mike did a great job at fine tuning my fit....he had nailed it down at the start of the season and this confirmed it. Plus with Dartfish we were able to see how much my left foot was moving during the pedal stroke and set up some CrankBrothers pedals to evaluate if limiting my pedal float would help or hurt the left knee pain that I get sometimes.

You should check this out.

Oh, and can you see what is wrong with the picture of the Ritchey? Thanks, Rudy for taking care of it and no more drinking while I wrench!

Ciao, Rick

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Training, what training?

You would think that by being unemployed that I'd have all of this free time to train and get in killer condition for the season fast approaching.

It's actually tougher to do b/c of the time I'm spending job searching and the extremely fixed income that I'm on right now. Nothing like knowing that if you don't find employment within a fixed amount of weeks/days your screwed.

The employment search is going OK, but is scary as hell. I have several "leads" and have completed a second interview w/a company, but it would be nice to have an offer on the table right now. It would also be nice to find local employment instead of having to look outside of Ohio. I'd rather stay here, keep the townhouse, stay close to my son and teammates, velodrome, etc.

I have been x-c skiing (it's free & close by) here and with a friend from Chicago that I've met who will be returning to work after being laid off since April of '08. The next two weeks will be big for me; I'm going to a convention in Orlando, FL in two weeks to set up and interview with some companies that will be attending the show. And yes the Cervelo & Surf board will be going down with me. All work and no play make for a dull rick.

I still have a positive's just been a huge distraction.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SBR Team Meeting for 2009

The Last Meeting as being President was held last night at The Bike Authority. I'd like to thank everybody; team mates and sponsors for making the last two years as President a special part of my life that I'll always be thankful for.

My best to the new officers:
Gary Burkholder - President
Michelle Mead - Vice President
Michael Larimer - Treasurer
Martha Brennan - Secretary

I'll stay on as the Sponsorship Chairperson and help the new officers out any way possible. Dick Brink going over the Zipp Line

Here's to a great 2009!


Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have finally organized all of my photos in my FLICKR account by when the picture was taken, from oldest to newest in each set. What took me this long I have no idea!

This should make it easier to see the progression of each race or event.

Still no "End of Year" Best Photos from me yet, but once I recover from NYE, my Dad's Swearing in, a condo board meeting, my team meeting and Job hunting this week, I'll get it up.