Sunday, November 30, 2008

MTB, no Urban ride


Well, when all else fails...make due with what ca got. Gary & I wanted to hit the trail again so we packed up and met the the trail head. The conditions were not nearly as good as yesterday....many soft spots where my front wheel was washing out so Gary & I decided to ride on the path and explore.
We ended up riding to the (potential) site of the proposed indoor velodrome in Slavic Village. The path dumps out about 6 or so blocks from the site so it was only a little hairy for those 6+ blocks.How cool will it be to have the indoor velodrome open by Jan. 2010?

We get back and not a moment too soon.....I'm dying of hunger (bonking) so we head back to my place grab something quick to eat and then head over to Donny's house to rock out with Nate.....nice.

Looks like I'll unpack the Ritchey Ti and do some 'cross practice today.

Back to work tomorrow....ugh!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

A (finally) ride in da woods

I had a fun ride (for the first time at this trail) with was nice to get the SISS out in her element.......a sweet ride and I'll think I'll go out there tomorrow but jam on it it.......:-)
It's all about getting back to the roots of it, isn't it?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Last Ride in FL Weds.

Or should I say the last warm ride for me for some time.....

Found another place that was easier to get to....Flatwoods Park close to UCF campus.

32 miles with around an avg speed of just under 20 with all the stops/starts of getting there.

Oh well, I'll try the MTB course at the Metro Parks for the first time today...wearing everything I own....


Monday, November 24, 2008

My Pre B-Day Ride

OK, this was my first chance to go on a good ride....I wanted to ride at least my new age today (48) and ride for more miles on my B-Day tomorrow. When Gary & I rode this 2 yrs ago....I don't remember the 10 miles to get to the trail. Traffic was bad; so bad that on the way home I rode on the sidewalk.

Anyway, once on the trail it was sweet....sunny and 76'F avg temperature.

Finished with 51 miles, burned over 1200 cal.



Riding w/my son in FL

Yeah, my son actually rode a bike (if you can call them that) Saturday and Sunday. Rode for like 2 hours on to see a real wild gator too.
A fantastic time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

BA Series - Broadview Hts. (Can you say MUD?)

Photo by Robert

Wow, talk about classic race conditions, maybe a touch cold, but another great job by the Lake Effect Squad. You folks rule. Thanks to all that cheered me does help.
I had my boy this weekend, so I was going to get to the race in time to warm up, mooch some of Bill's great home made heat rub and do the race then go home to my son.
I lined up in the last row and having not pre-ridden the course was going to just keep a decent position.
I gotta tell ya the Ritchey Protocal tubie wheelset with Vittoria tubies on them at around 35 psi felt freak'n great today! I felt really good the 1st lap and 1/2 until the dang rear derailleur cable broke....and was in the 38/12 combo...ugh! By the time I made it around to change out to my back up legs were getting cooked. My Bianchi SISS was set up w/a 32/16 and I wasn't exactly spinning. I was able to gut it out and finish. No DNF but I was really disappointed about the mechanical that I had. Seeing how this was the first one I have had all season.....that ain't so's just 'cross.
My knees are pretty damn sore right now, but I'll give them some time off.
I'll be leaving Friday morning for a week in Tampa w/my son and that's the way to spend T-Day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life After Kirkland.....

Has consisted of two rides in 70' degree weather last week (no way it was that warm) along with a rainy, cold ride on the towpath with Gary and Sadie Sunday.....

Been drinking lots of beer and back on my wing diet so I should be good and ready for the race this Sunday.

It's all good. Life just keeps getting better by the day.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Kirkland Park Cyclocross Race

Photo by Robert Sroka

I had my son with me this weekend and everybody that knows Aaron knows he's not into racing much. :-)

Having helped out Saturday at the Chagrin Falls race, I wanted to give it a go at one of my favorite courses - Kirkland has everything and a great flow. The time change screwed me up and I arrived early, too early according to my son.
The good thing was I ran into Bill (Mr. Embrocation) for some of his home made hot stuff. My back was still sore from the Spin 'cross race and from moving crap out of my house and Peninsula during the week. The heat really helps and I put different heat on my legs. Heck, Bill even scored me a GU and a cliff bar. Your the best Bill and it's a bummer about your pedal issue during the race.

My training has fallen off so bad it's ridiculous. The last time I was on my bike was the Louisville UCI races last weekend - I'd better change that or I'll never make it to the end of the season.

Anyway, I'm riding A Masters (due to finishing 2nd in the B Masters last year)...I know I'm going to get shelled and lapped by the lead As; I don't race 'cross just to win, I do it (A Masters) 'cause you can learn more by racing with these guys. So at the start I'm looking to get good position and ride hard. The start goes and going into the first corner (photo by Julie)
I see I'm right behind Dr. John and decide to see if I can stay on his wheel for a couple of laps....John's got skills and great conditioning. So John pulls me around for 2-3 laps and I'm feeling pretty good when we enter the hard turn(s) area and he goes down in front of me; I get around him and go hard forward. (one thing I had learned by now was to give some room to the rider in front in the techy sections so I wouldn't get so bogged down and gapped bad if the rider in front had a mishap). So I'm in front of John and Derek thinking to myself that there is NO WAY this is happening and I'm trying to keep the gas on and maintain the gap. OK that's one lap in front of them....two....shit, Derek is reeling me in and it's only a matter of time....the guy's a horse. He gets around me and I try to stay on his wheel for as long as possible cause I know John was right behind him. I'm riding a real good race, my legs are fine and no mechanicals or wipes outs so I think I can finish pretty good and at least give John a run for his money. I have a third lap I think and John catches me after I take a hard fall on the twisty section and It's time to claw on to his wheel. I get too tight on John's wheel on the off chamber, he dabs it and I completely stall out and he gets a gap on me (great, so much for keeping some distance). The rest of the race I try to close the gap down...get it close and John opens it up again. I fall apart on one lap where my back has stiffened up so bad I am hoping to just finish the race without getting caught. About then the lead three riders come by with Earnie in the lead and I finally get moving again. John keeps the gap opened up and I keep anyone from moving up on the placings against me. I bring it across the line in 7th place Masters. That 7th place felt as good as getting on the podium.

Thanks for putting on another great venue, Lake Effect!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chagrin Falls Cyclocross Race

Big thanks go to all that showed up and raced. The velodrome got a lot of attention and it looked like everyone had a great time. Tunes, Beer (beer hand offs), costumes and racing; how could you go wrong?

I was in charge of parking cars so I didn't get a chance to catch the C race....
Ernie and I after the race...that was my outfit.

I was able to take some Photos of the Bs and As.

More later....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

How I Feel Now

It's been a tough week, some might say year.

This movie clip kept coming to mind while this week was going on.

I'm free now and will not put myself in the same situation again.

'Nuf Said.