Friday, January 28, 2011

Tampa Training Crit 1-15-2011 with Magnus Backstedt

How cool was it to be able to race with the Paris-Roubiex and a Tour Stage winner?

That's exactly what happened on the crit race on the 15th.

Magnus Backstedt was in town with the U23 team

The A group crit race info per Garmin.

I was riding really strong and on the very last turn right before the sprint on the last lap....I took the outside line (a first for the race)and someone on the inside of me hit their pedal and moved outside into me....I headed right for the curb and hit the turf. A friend said I had the most gracefull crash he has ever seen.

I'm and rider were fine.


Tampa Training Crit 1-22-2011

Due to the large turn out expected; John wisely had the A & B grouped by would have been cool to ride with Magnus Backstedt again but I agreed with John G that it would have been too dangerous.

The B group field was pretty large; 40+ riders. Several breaks were attempted and one went away and I thought it would be a good one to jump up to....I did and got in the group of 4-5 of us. Two guys dropped off pretty quick at our 24-25mph pace and the paceline wasn't working too well at the start. I stayed on for 4 laps and was cramping and didn't feel like I was helping enough (I had a GrearLink rider with us) so I backed off to go back to the field.

They stayed away, which kind of bummed me out; I should have been able to stay on and help. I did get good position at the bell lap and was third coming out of the final turn and on the inside; the two in front of me were playing games on not wanting to lead out 300 meters from the finish so I gassed it hard and went for it. I passed them and caught my buddy Cliff (he had jumped with 1K to go) and tried to keep everybody off my back. 10 meters from the finish two AJ riders went around instead of 3rd, I took 5th.

Here are the Garmin stats.

The sad part of the race was that Sandy, after being careful for the whole race and getting the woman's prime, got in a bad crash after the finish...she's better now but it was pretty bad for a bit.

I've been moving ever since....I will be doing the Sunday GearLink ride.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is my last move for awhile, REALLY!

Good Grief.....yup, one more move. I'm signing a 14 month long lease.

A last minute deal happened and I couldn't say no to it so I'm moving this weekend.

Anyone want to help? :-D

Moving to Dunedin, FL from St Petersburg; it's closer to the office by 10-15 minutes,I can ride my bike to work, it's a bigger place, has a swimming pool(s),even a doggie park and puts me in the middle of the county riding/racing wise.

Some b/f moving in shots.

Sadie is going to love this too!


New Year, New Race Team

I'll be racing for Gearlink Racing this year.

They are a strong team that seems to do everything very well; it is one reason that I'm moving to Dunedin (more on that later).

I'll be updating more on the team and what races that I'm planning to do.

I'm getting new tubies for the carbon wheels...."can you smell smells like...victory". :-)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 miles/data

Interesting to put something like this on 1-11-11 (Speaking of numbers).

I've been in the Tampa area for just over a year now & I'm finally started to feel settled down for the first time since 12-4-08.

Maybe this is a little late, but my stats for 2010:
Total miles:

Total hours:

Total Elevation Gain:

Total Calories burned:

One area that I would like to get more miles in is via walking/jogging/running.

My weight for this time of year is dead on....152-155 lbs.

Hopefully by this weekend I'll have a cool announcement to make.....


Monday, January 10, 2011

From St Petersburg with Love Alley Cat Race

So after getting sick and still not even 70%.....I was bummed that I wasn't going to be able to do the race. I spoke with Sean (who was doing the race b/f moving to NC) and said I couldn't race but would be happy to help main a check point. When I got there he & Stu thought that (if I was interested) I could be a decoy racer, get a flat and whomever stopped to give me a tube to replace the one that "flatted" would get a special "Komrade" award of a Chrome messenger bag from Ben.Sean & I going over the details....

I thought that would be cool and acted like I was going to race and when the race started I jumped up and was in the top 4th position. After the 2nd check point I broke away to go to the 4th check point and got where everyone would see me. I flipped the bike upside down and removed the rear wheel. After about ten people went by Garret stopped and gave me his tube...he ended up finishing 5th!

I took some photos during & after the race.....

It was the most fun I've had NOT racing in a long time!

I'll be easing back into a training program for the upcoming race season.


Friday, January 7, 2011

The Sickness

Not the name of a band but what I got hit by on 1/2/2011.

Thought it was just a part of the hangover I had but it blossomed into something much more disgusting to me; a bad cold.

I was hoping to continue my training and the temps outside were warming up again. The alleycat race was coming up and so is the race season here for road racing.....

So this week has sucked, but I've tried to do everything possible to get this "killed"; eating right, no drinking, plenty of sleep and I actually called in sick for the first time Weds so I didn't try working when I felt like $hit.

I'm starting to feel better now and will not do anything stupid this weekend; no training group rides and no San Antonio ride....just help out at the Alley Cat race and take a couple of easy rides to loosen my legs up.

Here's to restarting my training program. Plus, Big News soon........


NYE 2010 FL Style

As it normally happens with me; any set plans were changed early on NYE. I was going to do a Metric Century with the 66 Fixied group but my buddy Chris got ahold of me to go MTB at Alafia at 10am that day. Additionally, I could take Sadie and do some running with her there. Sadie puts up with a lot from me eh?

At the same time Nicole, a friend of mine, had wanted to go to Coco Beach (her car was on the brink) with her for NYE. I never been to Coco Beach and a NYE bonfire on the beach party sounded fun so I said OK.
On New Years Day (1-1-11) we went back to the beach and hung out for awhile (Sadie too)
before heading back....something different and a great way to bring in 2011.

Happy New Years!