Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SBR News

Team meeting went well; we will have a U23/Junior Training & Mentoring program, went over the team kits, Oakley and other equipment orders and elected the officers for 2008.

The Officers are:
President - yours truly
Vice President - Ian Hoffman
Treasurer - Gary Burkholder
Secretary - Jim Nichols

Thanks to Linda & Eric for all of their time and effort in 2007 as officers Thanks to Sherman and the staff at the Bike Authority for letting us have the meeting there.

Lots more to do...gotta get back to work.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

First Cervelo R3 Ride

Too nice not to ride and I had to get the R3 out on the road to see how she handled.

I'm VERY happy.

'nuf said.

Gotta go to the SBR meeting.....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Goodies for Sale

I need to sell some of the items that came with the Cervelo R3. Brand new, never ridden....I need to show some luv to the sponsors and buy a couple of things.
- 3T stem (110)
- Selle Seat - SOLD
- FSA SLK 42cm carbon handle bar
- Easton Circuit Wheels
- Vittoria Rubino Pro Tires

Let me know if your interested....I'll be eBay'ing them soon.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My New Luv

I'm almost speechless.....The Bike Authority and Cervelo has hooked me up with a.....2008 Cervelo R3.
Let's just say the last 24 hrs has been "special"
Some photos to document it.....
Feedback on how it rides soon......

Thanks for Reading...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

SBR Oakley Night

Bryan was nice enough to come over to my place and show the Oakley line to the team members that were interested in getting some of the high performance eye wear.
Thanks to all that came, orders will be due before the end of the month.
We are going to be styl'n.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Early Morning BRRRRRR Ride

Well Brett talked me into an 8:30AM ride, meeting at Station Road. So I'm up and on the bike at 8:00 AM sharp and for some reason heading to Rockside & Canal #39.....
I call Brett and he's like....uh, what part of Brecksville didn't you understand? :-(
So I hump it and meet up with Brett Ironlegs & John I-ride-40-b4-you-are-even-out-of-bed E.
John rides with us for awhile and then states that his escort duty is done and hands off Brett to me. Shortly after we meet up with Bob and Ross and hit the valley. Big fun and laughs for all ensue. Oh, did I mention that Brett D. is on his 40 lbs fixie. It hurt my knees watching him climb the hills.
Any whooooo....1.5 hrs into the ride Ross splits off and I'm thinking I need to get started back home also....Brett & Bob split off to hit the Gary, er tow path back and I continue through the park home.
38 miles at 30'F for 2-1/2 hours.

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Friday, January 11, 2008


SnakeBite Racing that is....
- final kit redesign out soon with Voler
- team meeting & voting for officers for the 2008 season
- a training program for our U23/Juniors
- we are meeting with the Oakley Rep next week to look at those goodies
- many of us will be sporting new GIRO IONIOS "Team Rabobank" helmets from Bike Authority
- crank brothers pedals & threads
- looking at the Ritchey line of goodies to place an order (EVO Bar for the Ritchey Ti?)
- dreaming of ZIPP products
- and believe it or not I'm looking at the possibility of riding a new stead from the Bike Authority next season....Cervelo/Obea/Trek/Cannondale?

Anyone want my Titus 54cm frame/fork/Chris King headset?

Thanks for reading,

Monday, January 7, 2008

Rock'n out Friday Night

Yep....nothin to do with biking....unless you count drinking Belgium beer?
Donny invited David S, John E. Gary/Satan, Nate, Anna & I for some pizza, beer & Rock Band. Needless to say I was on a mission to consume vast quantities of beer, try singing/playing bass and recording the event. It was big fun....the pictures speak for them selves.....enjoy.


Rides.....rode with the "east siders". Met at 10:45AM on Sunday and rode off with the crew. I gotta luv my fenders! Unfortunately, my front derailer decided to slide down so I couldn't shift into my big ring until we stopped for a flat to be fixed and John saying, gee, you know it has slid down. D'oh.
So, got that fixed and finished the 32 mile ride....Brent gave some helpful tips on developing more power and sprinting position....THANKS!
Today was too good to stay instead of taking an hour for lunch, I got dressed and hit the road for and hour plus. Got 20 miles in.....roads were still wet so the $ I spent on the fenders has just paid for itself in my book.
I hope everyone can get out for this 1 day wonder weather!

Thanks for Reading,