Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last Week in Mexico

I was in Mexico (Monterrey) on business last week from W-F....missed the Westlake Worlds on Tuesday night....trying to get everything organized.

Flights are delay/cancelled....bag lost - no business clothes and I've got all day meetings with my largest account (and my company's largest I think). Paul B, your not reading this are you?

Brought "something" back from Mexico other than the 3 bottles of Tequila.....yuk.

Just a little insight to what I do to pay for my bike porn.....


Westlake Worlds - A Group

Ok, I can either list a bunch of lame excuses or just say "close, but no cigar"

I got there early and caught up on all the gossip; was able to chat with Bill & Tony along with Dick....was able to get caught up on the Velodrome with John B on the warm up laps.
Smaller groups both A & B fields....just Tom & I in the As and JV, Jason, Michael & David K in the Bs. Big showing from Bike Authority, with RGF and Spin in the As.

The pace was hard but not as hard as the Zipp night (nine of the laps avg'd at mid 26 mph)...I actually took a short (real short) pull and was able to move around in the field. I wasn't having much fun, but felt OK. With 4 to go I'm think positive thoughts and then after the first turn I stand up to do the "every corner" sprint and both thighs cramp up or should I say seize up. I got out of everyone's way and started to spin to get rid of the cramps. I floated to the back and by the time I was somewhat OK....I was off the back by 50 meters. Three stand up sprints later I couldn't close the gap and each time the effort brought more cramps so it looked like TT time for me. Good news was that I was able to keep from getting lapped and was able to finish on the same lap as the field.

Tom finished in the money; thanks for the offer of sharing the winnings Tom but only if I finish in the field or help you out more next time. Jason won the B group; Jason and JV are looking pretty good (top 3 OA), along with Michael (top 10)...actually the whole SBR B squad has done well.

my avg was 24 mph with the last 4 laps being 20ish avg....max was 33.3 mph
avg watts - 249

big fun.....oh, Gary, you owe Jason the entry fee.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gary's getting ready

A short video of Gary getting our joint project, the Valkyrie set up and dialed in for his upcoming "super sprint tri".

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last Night

After a long fun day of walking with Cooke, Aaron, Michelle & Anna, swimming (or seeing how big of splashes we could make) and watching the TT of LeTour....I decided to get my "haven't ridden all week fat butt" out for a ride. (I was in Mexico for business for three days.) Start time was 9:49PM.

It's been awhile since I've ridden a night ride on the road or even MTB. The best part about Brecksville is I'm not scared for my life riding my road bike around. In this case it was my Ritchey Ti 'Cross bike with 4 lights on it...two front and two rear. The only thing I was worried about would be some deer running me down or the drivers leaving their high beams on, blinding me....

Was it an epic ride? No, 20 miles is too short for that, but I felt great when I got back.

Enjoy the weekend,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What I'm Thinking About

This is where I have gone for the last 3 out of 5 years...this climb is the toughest/coolest climb I have ever done. Actually I was only able to climb it 2 out of three years that I did it. Pictures are from the '04 trip; you gotta be diggin the full "Chippo" kit I was wearing....

Mt. Figueroa is in the Los Olivos, CA area and is where the old "Postal/Discovery Channel" would train.

Anna took this picture as I was in front (Alex, my buddy is behind me) descending.

As I watch the pros climbing...this is the closest I have ever done a "mountain stage"...albeit only 30 miles or so long instead of the 100+.


Shrieve Race Photos (by Gary & Sadie)

Here's the link to my FLICKR for the photos that Sadie and Gary took. The race report was done by David. Gary's blog has been more political than racing lately.....maybe that will change b/f 'cross season starts.

Congrats to all that raced and sorry it took me so long to throw Gary & Sadie's pictures up.


Monday, July 21, 2008

SBR ride Friday

I wish i could rotate the dang video!

Michael's bling machine....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Westlake Worlds A Group ZIPP Night

Yeah, Chris R. got on me to man up and ride with the A group.

I figured that with the 303 tubulars that the kind folks at Zipp along with Dick Brink and Bike Authority were letting me use....what the heck.

Gary (who was missing his shoes and Michael L. saved him by loaning him his shoes), David S., Tom "Killer" K, Dr John & I lined up with the As.

SBR was well rep'd in the Bs with Jason R, Ian H, Jimmy N, JV, David K and first timer Michelle M. JV & Jason came in 1-2! I heard everyone did well.

The A group was large with some real fast guys in it so I knew this was going to throw me deep in the hurt locker for sure. Rode well until Paul M. decided it was time to reel in a break and it was touch-n-go for a couple of laps if I was going to be able to hold on. I did and was able to finish with the main group.

The difference b/t the As & Bs?
When I was in the 3 man break in the B group a few weeks ago;
distance 39.4 miles
avg speed was 24.5, max 30.8
avg watts was 248
avg HR was 152

When I was in the As;
distance 42.9 miles
avg speed was 26.7, max 34.9
avg watts was 284
avg HR was 160

Must have been the tasty ZIPP 303 tubulars that kept me in the thick of it.

Thanks for driving, Gary.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another week goes by....

That was fast and no update.
Let's see....Raced the Westlake Worlds; 39-40 miles, gotta prime, worked hard and tried to leadout JV....Jason got the win.

Twin Sizzler:
First time for me...I'm becoming Bulldog's personal SAG wagon I think. :-) He calls me from the road; he needs me to stop by his place before the race and pick up his bike, er and Satan's speedsuit....mind you I'm no morning person, but NP. I get there and hey how about my Polar? I grab anything I think he may need (helmet....) and take off. No points for the race, I've heard the road is really rough....Jimmy does a great job detailing the race. Long story short, I race with the 35+ elite and wonder if I'm going to be able to wake up/warm up and if I'm going to get blown off the back. I ended up feeling pretty good and stay up trying to help out "Killer" by bridging up on the 5000 attacks that took place. Jimmy & JV rode well and worked on the earlier attacks. I remember asking both of them how many "matches they had left to burn". Smith Street felt like NASCAR at Paris-Roubaix. Mike and two others from Lake Effect made a great move up the right side; I was in jail - boxed in the center and couldn't move and yelled at Killer to go! Go he did. The group rounded the turn 4 across and then hit the last corner for the final sprint. I finally got free and made up 5+ places to put me somewhere around 12-15th. The way they placed people was better suited for running with everyone needed to go through a chute "the way you finished". Somehow they messed up and wrote me down for 6th when that was Killer's place. Do you want my sweet pink ribbon, Killer?
David & Gary rode like studs (just like they always do) in the elite "young guy race". Sadie, Linda & Michelle M rode in the women's.
No data on this race due to stupid (me) forgetting to hit the start button on the polar! We did a little over 25 avg I hear though. Rode 15 miles right after with Killer to end the riding day for me.

Hit the tow path, yes Gary, the tow path with anna, michelle and two friends that are just getting into riding. Did just under 16 on the Bianchi SISS and had a good time.