Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Clermont 'Cross v.2011

Wow a year has going by quick. This is a tough course and I can remember the course from last year clearly in my mind still. That one was a classic layout. This year's layout was difficult but didn't flow as well as last years; It was something.
The race started on an uphill road climb, then turned left to go down a slight downhill with a hard sandy right hand turn then a climb. It went slightly up then a tough to make climb on the bike after two low hoppable barriers with a short flat section and then a downhill better suited for a mountain bike than a 'cross bike....not a recovery downhill for sure. Back close to the start finish up some stairs across a sandy flat top then up another shorter climb, more climbing then a down hill that swung down to the barrier section and then a flat to the short downhill section, pavement across the start finish line and back up the pavement climb to do it all over again.

The 45 minute race didn't start til noon (a good thing) but there were only 4 flights; I (Masters 45+) was in the same flight as the CAT3 & 4s. We had a 10 meter staggered start but that was kinda nutz. A total of roughly 30+ people were in the flight.

I felt as good as I could for the first two laps; due to the mass start I was in a crappy position, but not too far back. I caught and passed some folks and when I saw Scotty, I knew I needed to stay close to him. I actually passed him and got a gap on him, but by then lap 3 had hit me pretty hard; I was 30 seconds slower than lap two and then lap 4 was 12 seconds slower than 3. The damage was done and Scotty had passed me; I kept him in close sight but not close enough and he finished ahead of me by 15 seconds. 5th place for me. Damn. The Garmin data is here. I finished 16th overall in my flight and 5th in the 45+ Masters cat.

Carol took care of Sadie, I hung out with the 66Fixed crew drank a few adult beverages and helped team mate Scott Atkins with some water hand offs...it was in the 80's by then and hot. Even though I brought my camera, due to the shorten race day, I didn't get any pictures. Big thanks go out to Michelle Blake for taking great shots after kicking butt in her race.

I didn't race the next day due to the course looking like a fast dirt crit.....not my cup of tea and until I get entry fees partially back, I'm going to pick in choose the races I'm willing to travel and pay for.

Still good times.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Infinity 'Cross Race

My 2nd race of the "season", yes for most people I know that race; thier season is winding down or finished. That's why it's tough for me to get going on the FL season, but today's race was 75'F at the start...go figure.
I'm not in the shape I'd like to be...keeping the pressure on from the hole shot through the first lap is not where it should be for me.
I started well then dropped back like a bomb then started fighting my way up again....ended up dragging Russel with me for 2+ laps (he said he couldn't help was just trying to stay on - right I thought to myself). At the bell lap I said enough of pulling him...I didn't see anybody in front of me and I wasn't going to pull him to the finish to have him come around me to edge me out so I almost did a track stand to get him to come around to work and he tried to jump on a 35+ plus guy that came around us. He was hoping to gap me with that but I stuck on his wheel and saw him see that and realize I was still on him. I ended up catching him and passing him in the last technical section. He helped make the race a fun one for me....4th again. Garmin data showed I didn't leave much out there so I need to do better training wise for the first 8 minutes of the race.

After the race, I took some pictures with Sadie in tow and drank a couple of adult beverages with Steve the winner of my CAT.

I ended up camping out with Sadie at Sebastian Inlet State Park....it rained most of the time but I'm going back again soon to check the surfing and kayaking out there.

Good times.