Sunday, October 26, 2008

UCI - Louisville, Part Duex

In the airport waiting on my flight while Gary & Sadie start the drive home.

Great conditions, the track was even better today than yesterday.

Gary rode strong today; I got close to catching him but he rode well and finished just in front of me. I felt good, but not as good as yesterday.
Results were Gary - 9th and me in 10th out of 78.

Sadie rode stronger today than yesterday and looked more comfortable on the course.

Gary took all the pictures today.

More later, gotta board the plane.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

UCI Louisville - Day One

Just a quick note then bed....more later.

Pictures of this day are up now.....

Sadie, Gary & I raced today.

Gary & I in the open 4s - Gary 8th & I in 7th out of 40.

Sadie was 19th out of 23.

Great track....big fun, real early race. One more tomorrow and then home.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SBR Meeting Last Night

The kind folks at Bike Authority let us use the store to hold a team meeting last night...thanks for the pizza, Sherman!

We went over the new membership program, met new members, Gary introduced the new race reimbursement program (it only looks complicated) and we went through the "extra" team kit inventory and offered many items at a discount and are working on the 2009 order.

Afterwords we headed over to BW3s where Tim F talked me into a couple of Dead Guys!

Kit orders must be in by this Friday, the 24th.


Monday, October 20, 2008

"Recovery Ride" last night

I know I haven't been saying much on my blogs recently other than basically posting the pictures on my FLICKR acct.
Mucho personal things and business traveling going on plus a big race schedule this month means I've been slacking.

Having said in a nice SLOW recovery night ride last night. No music, just the sounds of the night and watching out for all of the deer running around. Just what I needed.

I should have more words from know's tough NOT being a marketing guy (all pictures and not much verbiage)


Saturday, October 18, 2008

BA Series - Spin 'Cross your Heart Race

Gary B. took all the race photos....

The end results of one well placed, deep mud puddle on the course.....

Raced in the As Masters group today and was dead last in the line up to start the race, had my head firmly planted somewhere else and showed no mental toughness. Bummed about that but it was an excellent race and a tough course that if you missed it, shame on you. I should make this one of my "A" races. While there was no sand on the course, some sand was seen in the B race. :-O Yeah, It makes me sick thinking of the guy that refuses to "MAN UP" and race A's after winning the B open and B masters.....I don't care if you beat me in the A Masters but at least do a "sack check" and get with the program. How's that for not being "PC"....

*Oh, a big thanks goes out to Bill M for letting me use some of his "home made" embrocation for this 47 yr's legs & knees. I should have used that on my back, cause my legs didn't really bother me during the race, but at one point I was thinking of DNF'ing due to my back (see lack of mental toughness above).

I've had my son this weekend, so I just showed up, raced and left....Gary was nice enough to take pictures on my Olympus point-n-shoot camera. Photos are here. More later, off to the rec center with my son.


Monday, October 13, 2008

A UCI Cyclocross Weekend - Pictures

No time for a report yet, but I'm uploading the 2-3 GB of photos that David S., Gary B & I took with the NIKON D40X camera.

Thanks for cheering for me during the races and it was great seeing everyone....more later.

Monday, October 6, 2008

LeRoy Cyclocross

Just a quick note that the photos are up on my FLICKR.

Good grief....I only downloaded 81 of over 200+ photos....just updated it. Some of the B and most of the A race is now up.

Enjoy....more later.