Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Shoot Cyclocross Race

We have only just started 'cross season here. Something about racing in above 80' weather makes it tough to think about doing cross!
This race is a favourite of mine; it's in Tampa (close), it's a technical course and it has great views of Tampa bay.
My race (45+) was at 9:30am and I was picking up Tony do it was a 7am leave the house time...

I was liking/hating this technical course...it suited me and I knew it well...I should have done better than 4th. A great battle for 3-5 was going on and the best I could do was 4th. The Garmin data showed what I felt...I didn't leave anything out there.

Here's some photos I took after my race was done.....


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Black Mass 6 Alleycat Race 10/27

I really enjoy (in a sick way) these different types of "races" than what I normally do. Since we were supposed to be in some kind of costume; I decided to pull out my old Cipo kit.

I had done the 5AM ride that morning....34 pretty fast miles so I thought I was going to chill on this and just enjoy a few tasty beverages at the end of the race.

What's this all about...budda skat summed it up pretty well.....

9 total, 3 on each manifest

Unmanned, but marked with glow sticks. Each checkpoint had a scary phrase or name of a B horror movie on it. You had to write this on your manifest. Correctly.

How local did a participant need to be?
Well... there were no maps, just checkpoints on paper with relative addresses. Couldn't even really google map it if you tried. And half the checkpoints were either behind, through, in the back of, or hidden close to where was actually described on the manifest.

How was the winner decided?
First to finish everything correctly.

Was their points?
Nah... only bragging rights.


How did the race work?
We rode out to the starting point and had to dock our bikes. We were then given a single manifest with 3 checkpoints, north and south of town. We were to return to 66 fixed after completing all checkpoints... as described above. At that time a second manifest was given out, again with three checkpoints. Rinse and repeat... again... totaling 9 checkpoints. From what I've experienced at the Black Mass races... you get there with the intention of it being a fairly decent race, and it then ends up making you either hate yourself for coming out, or hate the organizers for fooling you. (Sarcastic of course... its an awesome race, if you're not a wuss).

So did I chill? Well, that didn't happen and I tried to chase down Michael with Ted's help but that wasn't going to happen. Rode hard for about 27 miles and came in 3rd with Ted right behind me. Good times.

The results:
Thanks to everyone who made it out and rode that third manifest! I'd like to look forward to more races of similar style, hint, hint.


1. Ben Pridgeon - St Pete : Overall Winner and first guy

2. Michael Davis - St Pete

3. Rick Adams - Dunedin

4. Ted Lee - St Pete

5. Todd Frain - St Pete

5. Ian Ayotte - St Pete

7. David Horst - Tampa : Best Costume (Alex from Clockwork Orange, or was he Dim?)

8. Justin Ahearn - St Pete

9. Erin McKee - St Pete : First Girl (also first race)

10. Klaus Gopfert - St Pete

11. Leigh Barnard - St Pete

12. Badda Skat - St Pete

13. Brad Marcel - Tampa

14. Brandon House - St Pete

15. Chris Nadeau - St Pete : DFL

- Clinton Hamilton - St Pete
- Kelly Campana - Tampa
- Andrew Schlag - Clearwater
- Cate Kaelber - St Pete
- James Thomas - St Pete
- Jonathan Kovalik - St Pete
- Lauren Prestwood - St Pete
- Robert Dunfey - St Pete

- Paul Rozelle - St Pete

The biking vibe in St Pete is great....I just found out that the cool shop that has helped put on many of the races is shutting its doors. I hope that doesn't effect the vibe. Best wishes to Michael & Carol of 66Fixed in your next adventure!