Friday, May 21, 2010

Up and Down

So, I had just moved in, raced my first crit and found a really cool EARLY morning (5:30am) group ride to do....and I get sick again. Real sick this time. A week and a half goes by and I figured I'd do an easy ride over the weekend to see how I'm doing.
Ride from the house to the St Pete ride (22 S) and back by rickadams60 at Garmin Connect - Details">My ride Saturday

"recovery ride" from the house south and back by rickadams60 at Garmin Connect - Details">My ride Sunday

No crit race or fast group ride this week but I will get in more zone 3 miles til I'm 100%.

Here's looking towards the weekend!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Riding & Moving today

I'm going on a group ride out of St. Pete this morning then moving to a beach cottage two blocks off of Clearwater Beach. I'm pretty excited cause when (it doesn't happen often)the waves are good, I want to be able to do the Dawn Patrol then go to work.

I'll post some pictures of the place later; Tim is going to be my house mate so I'm hoping we will get along together well....he's dating a TRI gal so it will be nice to have active people around the place.

I did my first training Crit race this week and finished in the pack and felt pretty good. My left leg still hasn't loosened up yet so I'm going to see about getting a message or something to help loosen it's still pretty sore.

Sold the Mini Cooper this week, that helps a lot....I'll miss it but I can always get one later.

Well, mucho packing/riding to do.....I hope everyone has a good weekend and here's to Aimee's doing well at her TRI this weekend.