Sunday, June 26, 2011

Le Tour De Dank 4 Alleycat

I wasn't feeling good about this; I was still getting over my cold with low/no miles under my belt but figured I'd give it a go. I had set up the fixie with brakes due to the bridges (hills). I had kayaked before the race but was feeling OK. I rode to the race and was there just as they were giving out maps. I wanted to go with what would be the lead group and try to get the hole shot. I was able to be in the top 5 at the start and we quickly got a gap b/t us and the 90 some odd people doing the race. I felt pretty good on Memorial and Sand Key bridge but got gapped on Belliare Bridge and right before the 5th check point lost sight of the lead group and got lost trying to find that check point. I was counting on staying on and didn't memorize the map...epic fail on my part. I ended up seeing Michael and he & I found it and started riding hard again. We got to the 6th check point with 7 guys in front of us and headed for the final check point and then the finish. Michael told me to go ahead and I was just trying to hold on to 8th when I took a wrong turn and by the time I got to the start/finish I ended up 11th OA. Pretty disappointing due to this being in my area and getting dropped at the final bridge....still a fun way to spend an afternoon. I didn't know where everyone was going to be so I ended up hanging out with Zach and the crew...and not being able to unlock Zach's lock until it was cut off by Heidi's friend, Mark.

I wasn't really too happy about dropping that many my own neighborhood!


The Results:
Fixed – Male
1. Tyler Rose (1 hr)
2. Sean Lynch
3. Taylor Norton
4. Paul Rozelle
5. Mike Weimar
6. David Horst
7. Michael Davis
8. David Fitzgerald
9. Ben Pridgen
10. Rick Adams

Overall Finish
1. Tyler Rose (1 hr)
2. 2. Sean Lynch
3. Gabe Crisler
4. Taylor Norton
5. Paul Rozelle
6. Mike Weimar
7. David Horst
8. Michael Davis
9. David Fitzgerald
10. Ben Pridgen
11. Rick Adams
12. Geoffrey Holtman
13. Kirsten Johnson
14. Bryan McGuine
15. Travis Nolan
16. Mondo Mike Hall
17. TIII
18. Adam Vacha
19. James Mitchell
20. Sonny Kennedy

Here's the Garmen Data:
Tour De Dank AlleyCat race by rickadams60 at Garmin Connect - Details">

Kayaking at Caladesi and Weedon Island State Parks

John had invited us down to his place in St Pete to try kayaking at Weedon Island and had a Hobie kayak for me to use; the pedaling system in it is really's like pedaling a bicycle instead of paddling

We did get attached by about 5000 bugs when we went into the mangrove canopy! After a fast retreat we ended up doing 2.5 miles according to my Garmen. We went swimming in his pool afterwards and then to my race.

The Hobie was something that I would get if the $ was available.....


Kayaking Off the Dunedin Causeway

Heidi had a friend that would loan me his kayak and trailer so the Element could pull it with my new hitch I had put on it. Heidi wanted to go to one of her faviourite places - Caladesi Island off of the Dunedin Causeway. Other than a few bugs it was fun not having a ton of people around....the water here is pretty warm - 90'F!

Perfect weather and we took out drinks and snacks and had a great time.

Nice and peaceful.


Sickness strikes

Long story short...was doing two two hundred plus miles back to back and on my third week of doing 200+ when I got something from (I think) someone in my office.

Knocked me out enough to miss two+ weeks of training and a race plus kill my miles.

It will be a long slow road back.

At least the first part of the race season is done til Fall & I did get in 6 races already....we will see how the fall road season and 'cross season goes.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BMC is back!

Everyone knows how bummed I was when the doofus knocked me into a signpost during the GearLink Cup and broke the carbon seat stay on the non-drive side of my BMC SLX01.

Through a buddy of mine (Craig) and the bike shop he goes to (OutSpoken - Clearwater, FL) he told me about The Frame Doctor and I figured that it would be worth the $300.00 to see if it could be fixed....the BMC is a $2K frame.



To say I'm happy with the results would be a huge understatement! It only took like 3weeks to do!

So if you have a wreck on a carbon bike...this is the guy to see.