Sunday, November 17, 2013

Damn Time Flies!

Is Blogging dying in this day of 30 second attention Facebook? I do admit I keep the FB page more up to date than my Blogger. After saying that but not updating my blog for this long is nutz! I'll do a better job with more details. My job as Sales Manager at Chainwheel Drive has been a great experience and has help make the year fly by! One of the first things I did was to design and get a new shop kit out....
Other updates: Hmmmm, a "new" used Honda 2010 Element
Sadie is doing great....
After MUCHO research I got a Suunto Ambit2 HR "watch" to replace the old & tired Garmin 405cx
Finally got some road & cyclocross racing in this year
And Missy & I are still dating each other
Sooooo, I'll do more but wanted to try to keep on top of's easy to do the FB thing, but blogging is a bit more involved, or should be! Ciao, Rick