Friday, August 12, 2011

F.U.CX. Cyclocross Race

FUCX - Florida Underground Cyclocross is something I have gotten involved with: we have done one practice race and just did a "real" race last Sunday.

I helped setup the course; yes that means getting up and on the road b/f 6AM. FUCX!

The course design was cool and we (3 of us) got it up and ready by 8:30am.

I was racing with the fast guys (As); we were going to do 1 hour plus two laps but with the heat at 90+ already we decided to make it 45 minutes plus two.

We did a parade lap so everyone would see the course and then started the race.
A ">video of the race was done by Jeb....

Because of the mixed fields and I wasn't sure who was still ahead of me...I had no idea of how I was doing other than I was deep in the hurt locker. I thought I was doing well and was catching people that were ahead of me; I caught one guy who said to me he had thought I was going to lap him...I wiped out in the deep sand turn and he caught and passed me...I thought no big deal...but wondered why he was putting in a big effort to get a big gap on me.

By that time it didn't matter and I was hurting pretty bad...I sucked it up and finally heard the 2 laps to go....idontknow about you but when I hear the bell go of, it means ONE to go. I used to 2nd to go to recover a bit and make sure nobody caught me and was only lapped by two people so I worked the last lap as hard as I could go....telling myself that I wouldn't have to do any of this stuff again!

Here's the Garmen data of my slow suffering.

With all of that said...I ended up in 4th! The bad news is that the guy that was acting like I was lapping him was actually in front of me and took 3rd! Damn.

It was good times regardless and it only took me 3 days to recover.....:-)


No More Bunny-Hopping Early in the morning

I normally do a Tuesday & Thursday EARLY (5:00AM) morning group training ride.

As anybody that knows me well knows I'm not a "morning person". I have worked hard at being able to wake up @ 4:15AM for these rides due to it's the only way I can get in 34 miles each of those mornings b/f I have to go to work.

The rides go like clockwork normally with warm up/attacks/regroup and then turn a round and head back hard.....

This one was much like any other one...'cept once we did the Sand Key bridge and heading behind the hotel row....they were bunching up/slowing down at usually one of the fastest places. I drifted into the center turning lane to see what was up and was looking over at the peloton when I looked in front of me (it's dark and early, right) and saw what looked like a curb. Instead of jamming on my brakes I thought (this happened real fast) I'd just bunny hop the "curb"; I did just that but when in mid-air noticed that there was a second curb behind it that I also needed to clear! "SHIT" I yelled and tried to continue to pull up on the bike to clear both.

My front cleared both but the back hit the second pretty (REAL HARD & A LOUD NOISE)hard and blew out the tire and trashed the rim. Sand Key Group Ride* by rickadams60 at Garmin Connect - Details">Here's the Garmen data on the ride.

Trent was nice enough to get his van, pick me up and drop me off at my house.

After looking at it in close to daylight....I don't think I could have escaped that well if I tried to.

I need to have my coffee before these rides and be more alert!