Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend News Plus

OK, I had my boy with me this weekend and I didn't feel like doing the rollers, so we went skiing/snowboarding Sunday for 2+ hours which was big fun. That night, Anna, Gary & I went night x-c skiing with my new skis for 45 minutes that Anna had bought me. Picture shows my old skis (left) and the new babies on the right. Was on the rollers for 60+ minutes on Monday and then X-C'd again on Tuesday w/Anna for 1:45 and the went to a spin class last night for 90 minutes. Heck, that 4 hours and counting for this week. Taking a break tonight and hanging with my boy and then put some more hours under my belt.
Just won an ebay auction for a Minoura E-RDA-1050R-PM trainer and hopefully will be getting that within a week. This will give me a nice option for the rollers and a better work out, plus I'll be able to take it to races to warm up on. I'm embarrassed to say that I have only used a trainer to warm up b/f a race at the Cyclocross Nats. I'm also looking at a spin bike; that way I can have it setup correctly for me and make it easier to get in more workouts w/o having to drive all over the place. Looks like I may actually try to start this season in good shape and weight.
Well, that is if I don't go over to the evil Donny's house and play Guitar Hero til 2AM......
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2006 'Cross Nats

OK, I don't have everything done on this, but I wanted to get started on it....more later.
Part of my territory is the Northeast, so when this year's 'Cross Nats came up I thought I'd schedule a business trip and take the Ritchey Ti BreakAway Cross bike and give it a go. Donny Frey was going to fly out to meet me and be da man for support for me, Brent Evans & Brett Davis. The Killer B's (Brent & Brett) drove out and arrived to pre ride the course b/f I made it back from my appointment. The course was in excellent shape and was going to be really fast...I did a 10:44 pre-ride lap and kept asking the killer Bs what kind of times the race was going to have......."uh, fast." Great, just great.....I found out later that Steve Tilford was in my age grouping. He was pretty cool at the pre-reg that night and even gave some advise to the killer Bs & I about the best line for the start. After pre-reg, Donny & I just relaxed with the Killer Bs at a fine Bistro and then called it a night.
Race Day:
Well, let's just say that the 100 or so field that signed up was about 2-3 times larger than I had ever ridden. The start of the race was like the final 200 meter bunched sprint at the Tuesday night crit....damn. I started the race fine and was doing well, not losing too many places and not feeling too bad; the second lap I spent most of the time trying to find out what had happened to my legs and wondering if I was riding in reverse. The rest of the race I tried to get my groove back on and get back up a few places; I fell twice after the final run up at the top of the hill but was able to keep in the same group of guys. The course was a gas to ride; picking lines, coming through the barriers with the cow bells ringing and people cheering. The runs ups started feeling like crawl ups. I recovered enough to start thinking about the last laps. Not good; Steve Tilford caught my group of five guys and the race was over. Oh, not that I was looking at it much, but my Edge 305 decided that I didn't need no stink'n heart rate or any information while I was racing....twice I looked down at it to see if I was suffering from a heart attack and the damn thing was blank.....unreal, I at least wanted to see the specs on race - you know how bad it got from one lap to the next and if I had been able to gear back up after the second lap. Well, 81st was not where I wanted to finish; I'll do better in KC in '07. I took photos and film of The Killer Bs race's along with cheering on the locals guys from October Lake Effect, Rudy and Bill whom I thought was going to come after me during the race while I was "encouraging him" to grab pain by the hand and ride hard, Ernesto Marenchin and Jimmy & Shawn from Alan. Brett, Don & I hung out in the beer garden the rest of the day and
I introduced everyone to my little friend Jack Daniels; which had Donny speaking in tongues after a bit. So after that first day.....Donny & I looked all over for a good place to eat and down a couple of adult beverages while Brett was going to hang out with an old college buddy and see how polluted he could get in one night.
The next day was way more relaxed watching; I rooted for the local boy wonder, Tony from October Lake Effect; Brett finally showed up...having ridden his bike like 20 miles (?) to the race and was on like 2 hours of sleep and looking like something the cat had drug in. Then we all watched the really fast ones (Tree Farm ruled) making the course look like a paved track. After that, we headed out looking for trouble - it's all Brett's fault, that's it, Brett's fault! Well, we found it at an Irish Pub with live music and plenty of drunk people, not that the copious amount of Guinness we were drinking was affecting us at all. Brett & I agreed that the 35+ race was going to be a "fun" race and that he would wear his jeans (like he had done b/f showing up to a race with no time to change) and I in my Kilt. With over 200+ in the race and almost in the very last row, my head screaming, people muttering around me something about not wanting to get beat by someone in a skirt...we were off! I was going no-tech for this race, no Edge 305, no heart rate monitor.....just riding hard. I rode hard, but enjoyed the ride as well this time; focusing on picking good lines out, dis-mounts & re-mounts (?), not falling or losing any places (easy to do when you start in back).
A good time in general and I am looking towards being in better shape and finishing better at KC in '07.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Much to do

Well, I'm now President of SnakeBiteRacing and I'm stoked for the upcoming season. I'll have training and season target races done tonight. I'll do that after going to see Ernie to swap photos that we took between racing at the CycloCross Nationals in December. Now I just need to keep the momentum going.

Gotta go.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm such a slacker

yup, no 2007 training program done yet, no race schedule yet & I'm bearly getting in 4+ hours of any kind of work outs (spinning, trail running) per week. Maybe now that it's finally stopped raining and there is snow on the ground, I'll go snowboarding or xc skiing? Oh, elections for Snakebite Racing are tonight & I'm running for President. That will snap me out of this. Still waiting on pictures of the 'cross nationals to post that wonderful experience.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Gotta Love/Hate Garmin!

I have been using a Garmin Edge 305 w/cadence & heart rate for roughly a year now. I used to have a Polar 720i before that (Gary has it now) and I really liked the Polar; the software is great, easy to use and it just worked really well. I switched to the Garmin due to one of my business clients raving about how good it was so I bought one. I have had to return two of the Garmin units due to them not working right/working at all. Having said that; customer service for Garmin kicks ass! They have sent out replacement units very fast and have been pleasent to work with.

The unit itself has a lot of very nice features that the Polar doesn't have; mapping ability, a navigation feature to help you get back to the start of the ride - it's not as dumb as it sounds. I travel a lot with my Ti Ritchey BreakAway to places I haven't ridden before and that feature has come in handy when it would get dark or I got lost. It only has one remote sensor on it for speed/cadence vs two for the Polar and the training center feature is pretty cool. The reporting software is way behind Polar's though, but I'm hoping that they update/come out with new better software soon.

In hindsight, I should have purchased the Forerunner 305 with the speed/cadence due to I am finally starting to run again for the first time in 4 years (see knee surgery below), except for that the unit looks like something from StarTrek.....but that just shows that nothing is perfect; maybe a power meter for the unit would?

Anyway, I can start the New Year training with a fresh Garmin now.

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