Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to the Basics

My last big purchase in a long, long time will be the Pinerallo Lungitva SS/Fixie.

This area is perfect for one and the bike, while not a true track bike will work on the track.....hopefully I'll go to the one in the Ft Lauderdale, FL.

I rode in the Tampa Bay AlleyCat race and came in 5th I think out of 55 finishers; due to riding with Paul & Robin, two fast folks that knew the area like the back of their hand! I did the race setup as a SS, but have flipped the wheel and now have it set up as a fixie.....the rear brake comes off next.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Addition

I finally felt like I was settled in enough to look for a dog. I've had several dogs in the past and for FL thought a Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Healer mix would be good plus I miss the last one I had Cooke.

I found Sadie via Petfinder.com and got her through a rescue house. I was able to meet the owner (2 hrs away in Ft. Myers) and picked her up on August the 8th. She is a 7 yr old female and a touch out of shape.....she's great at catching a Frisbee and just the right mix of laid back and playful. I'll be working with her on getting back in shape and running with me via foot and bike.

At the crit last night some poeple watched her while I raced and she did great....she even ran next to me on the bike back to the car perfectly....I don't think she's ever done that before.

Everything is going well and I'll give updates....