Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Troy Classic (Gary's Wreck)

So, one of my favorite races of the year and I have a chest infection and am on antibiotics for it. Naturally I'm bumming, but Gary, Jason & Jim will all be there to represent SBR so I just figure to ride support and try to finish the race.
Jason, Gary & I were racing in the 48+ CAT 4 field along with two Orville riders that we had talked about working together during the race with. The plan was to have us up at the front around the 9-10 lap down time and have Jason and an Orville guy go off of the front and the rest of us block. Sounds good to me; I'll work as much as I can for Gary & Jason. At the start of the race I hit the gas to get up to the top 10-15 in the race; I had raced this last year and knew how important it was to be up close to the front. I'm with Jason or close to him most of the time actually feeling pretty good. Jason takes off as planned, I scoot up front and the group acts like I'm going to pull him back in 'cause nobody goes after him and I slowly decrease my speed from 27 to like 20. Finally everyone jumps and brings back Jason. About then I start wondering where is Gary? With about 7 to go, Gary comes up along my left side with a strong move to the front; I can't get in behind him so I move wide right and try to make it up that side to help out. About then I see people flying and a bunch of people going down hard. I look to see who is involved and I think I saw Gary go down. That freaks me out and I keep looking for him as we take 3-5 neutral laps; I think I see Gary get up with his bike and I relax thinking he is OK. (I found out later that was Jim picking up Gary's bike while they were taking him away on the board).

Let's cut to the chase and here is what Gary had to say....
I remember attacking hard on the left just after the round about. After that I don't know what happened (I'm guessing someone might have come out and into my tire or bars). I realize people are huddling around me; I tell them I don't need to go to in the ambulance, but they insist since I was KOed. I was pretty dazed. I remember a guy named Andy from the ambulance, who told me to remember his name. I had to help the medics release the straps on my Sidi's.

I'm a little more sore today (Monday) (hip, shoulder and ribs), but I expect tomorrow will be better.

His Giro helmet saved his butt big time....He'll be out racing soon. What a scare though.

Jason came in 6th at the race with me around the top half (24th) and Jim got 3rd in the CAT 5.

17.8 miles
HR - 166 avg/178 max
speed - 24.3 avg/32 max
CAD - 100 avg/121 max
watts - 307 avg/798 max
temp 84'

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Congrats Paul Martin!

This guy represents Cleveland racing with class and it's great to see him get (his second with a 10 year separation?) a stars-n-stripes jersey!
From USA Cycling:
Paul Martin captured a national title in the elite men's road race on Monday at the 2007 USA Cycling National Festival at Seven Springs before competition closed on Tuesday.
From the Texas Roadhouse site:
He is a former winner of the Elite U.S. National Road Race championships (1997) and podium finisher in both the Elite Road Race Nationals and Elite Criterium Nationals in 2002. He raced on the Navigators professional cycling team for three seasons (1998-2000) and the West Virginia professional cycling team (2003) . Paul is a threat in almost any race he enters.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mountain Biking at Westbranch

Believe it or not I actually do mountain biking & thought I'd try some cross training and would have an excuse to tune up my two mountain bikes; a '99 Klein Mantra and a '03 Bianchi SISS. So off we went to get our ride on. The route is about 10 miles long and lots of fun with some "new" stuff to ride on. Pictures and data soon.

Last week

hmmmm, a lousy 87 miles, but 7 of those miles were hiking, so I'm cool with dat.
Hiking - 7 miles in the Seattle area
Lopez Island - 30+ miles
Spin Ride - 25 miles
Ride in the Metro Park - 25

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ridin' on Wood, Baby!

So, I (and Anna da Pres of Fast Track Cycling) went to the best indoor track (and only one so far) in the US and met with and better yet for me, got to ride a track bike in the velodrome. Sweet. More details later, but here are some shots.

PCH ride in sunny San-D

Yummy stuff here....details later

Riding at the Lake House on the 4th

YEs, I'm being told to quit blogging and get out here in foggy LA....text later

Riding in Sheboygan

So, I'm way behind in my blogging....pictures first then I'll add more text while I'm flying around the west coast.