Thursday, July 21, 2011

12 Hours of St Pete Alleycat Race 7-9-2011

Jake & Sonny
That's me on the right....

I had wanted to do this race but the other part of my two person team couldn't get off work so it looked like I wasn't going to be racing.

Until Friday afternoon, Sonny contacted me and thought he might be able to expand his two person team into a 4 person team. At about 5-6PM I was on the team.

Sonny, Jake, Ben and I made up the team. I had some mad packing and organizing to do and although I wanted to ride the race on my fixie, I was going to bring my BMC geared bike as the backup.

We were Team Mullet....Ben was going to ride the first two laps, followed by Jake then Sonny with me last.

Ben had a great first lap while we rode the course but then had a crash on the 2nd lap and lost contact with the first (fast) group....which was going to make it tough getting back to the lead group. Jake went next and wanted to do 3-5 laps in a row. In hindsight that kinda sucked for the rest of us because Sonny & I didn't get to do a first lap until the heat of the day the day had set in around 2PM. We had thought each of us would do two laps at a shift but the mid day heat was too much for that so the 3 of us (Ben, Sonny & I) rotated every lap. Jake was done for the day it seemed. The ride with the fixie was fine, I just ended up doing it solo and in the wind the gearing was getting to me a bit. I thought I could shave some time off my laps (as did the rest of my team) by using the BMC. The first two laps I did I messed up 1-2 check points resulting in not so great times....the last two I nailed. It was pretty hot n humid...I ended up changing into a fresh kit for my final 2 laps and I think it helped.

We did OK and I ended up two two consecutive laps at the end so we could finish with 14.

3 yummy beers later after I rolled in with 5 minutes b/f the race was over I started feeling better.