Sunday, June 13, 2010

things are going well

Update long overdue.
Sold the Mini Cooper Clubman....really liked the car but not the monthly payment and I have a "free" company's just a thing.
Looks like the refi is going to happen and Gary will be moving into my place soon.
I have been riding "naked" without my Garmin 405CX for a week now but will be getting that back Tuesday?
Broke the Ti rail on my Selle Italia SLR seat and that's the next thing to "fix"
Doing a lots of Ride-n-Roll groups rides and having a difficult but good time of it.

Hopefully I'm getting back into shape and things are finally failing into place after all heck breaking loose in Nov 2008....patience is a virtue but it's been a difficult lesson to learn.

Every day is getting better....