Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tampa Training Crit

I've been doing the Tampa Training Crits almost every Weds night here. They are well run, fun and it has (finally) gotten me back into crit/road racing.

The series started out with the A & B field combined...which was tough. I got sick and missed a couple of weeks and when I started again they had split the A & B groups up and 'cause I'm a CAT4, I was going to be doing the B group race. It's only (roughly) a mile course with 3 sharp but not too tough turns and we race for 30 minutes plus 3 laps. I was able to get back into the grove of it and get two 3rd place finishes and two Saturdays ago get a second in the first race (10 laps) and a first in the second race (5 laps) that was done right after the first. So I got invited up to the As. Last week when I raced was fast and I felt really good to the point of joining a 2 man break and we stayed away for 3-5 laps. I was able to not blow up and stayed on with the group to finish the 1 hour long race. I was stoked.
Last night at the A race I felt like crap all day and during warm ups knew this wasn't going to be good but pushed on ahead anyway.
I felt terrible; in the legs and in the mind. I couldn't mentally push trough and fell off the back, got on the next lap and even though I was cramping a bit didn't toughen up and for the first time in a long time...DNF. I'm not happy.

I will be out this Saturday and next Weds to see about not having that happening again.


The Keys

I only live less than 6 hours away from the FL Keys and with the BP Oil spill, I had wanted to check it out again just in case the worst thing happened.

Jode & I left Friday @ 1ish loaded down with camping gear, snorkeling gear and cameras.

It was a great time...the vibe in the Keys is the best. We stayed (camped) in the Bahia Honda State Park on Big Pine Key.

Hanging out at the camp ground watching the sun set, snorkeling, visiting Fort Vachary & running into hanging out with Karol, going to Sloppy Joes for chow and drinks (they got a brain freeze drinking) was a great time. I picked up 4 indigious FL plants (Seven Year Apple & Spider Lily) and renewed my love of the Keys and the coral reef there. More pictures are here. I just hope the oil stays away.


Friday, July 9, 2010

I have moved again?

Good grief....I needed to move again and this time I'm in my OWN apartment, no more sharing. I like how someone wanted to know if I was in a witness protection has felt like for the last 1.5+ years I have been on the go the whole time.

Clearwater Beach was a cool spot and location for doing the beach thing and riding with the Ride-n-Roll crew, but my room mate's schedule and mine just didn't jibe. After looking for 2-3 days I found a SMALL apartment in St Pete's. I'll post some picts of it soon. It's a year lease so I think things should stablize for me a lot and I definately need some of that right now.

The riding here is really good and if I was ever able to run again...the TRI scene is huge here.

Next weekend I'm heading to the Keys for camping and snorkeling; the the oil disaster that has happened in the Gulf, I want to revisit that special place in case the unthinkable happens to it....