Monday, June 15, 2009

Granny Gears 24hrs at Big Bear

A complete write up are here

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Uhm I forgot to

Yeah, I have forgotten to keep up with this.

Ever since getting the OK to do this Mid West Demo Days Tour and The Granny Gears 24hrs of Big Bear it has been a blur of activity. Felt like I was moving again and having to pack the van perfectly and then try to see if the items that didn't arrive in time to get shipped to me (laptop/wheels/SS kit/Fork & 2 bikes). Jeese.

I stopped in Boulder to visit w/Jen & Jesper and do the Death Ride....should have been called the death march for me...being out of shape and the altitude killed me w/in 30 minutes or so...still the 5 mile downhill was big fun.

The rest of the trip was long and boring, well the dude I picked up that looked like he was in big trouble and took him the rest of the way to Moab (40 miles) made that park interesting....'cept in Chicago where Kristin made Martinis that brutalized my head and made the next day way too much fun....not.

I'll download some photos and more updating; tonight I got back from leaving on last Thursday to meet w/a new dealer in C-bus for us (Northland Cycles - High St, Columbus) and then head to BioWheels for a Friday activity where after hours Nate crushed me on a little 33 mile road ride. Another hotel and then the Harbin Park Opening Day MTB festivities that were fun....'cept no riding for me. Lots of demos though and fun for all. After that drove up to C-bus....slept at a Relatives empty house (kinda weird) and then off today for the CORA/Ellsworth Demo Day at Alum Creek. Great weather and I did get to ride the Phase II course and had a blast doing it.

Looks like some sales will result from these two days of Demos and more to come!

A couple more demos this week and it's off to see Da Bear in WV.