Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Week

of too many different things going on and not enough hours. I did get the Polar S725X S-1 footpod working and ran 3-4 miles. Sold the Garmin and won on eBay a power system sensor for the S725X that Gary installed for me last night; talk about a PIA...damn glad he was able to do it. I'm looking forward to training with's supposed to be the cat's meow.
Had a meeting for Snakebite Racing and have some cool things in the work with the team.
Getting the big ring changed back to the 50 instead of the 46 I used for cyclocross racing on the Ritchey, so that will be ready for some warm weather travels that I'm planning for next month (if I can wait that long). Now all I need to do is to log on the hours this week.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Weekend Update

Spent an hour on the trainer Saturday, x-c skiied for roughly 2 hours on Sunday and hit the slopes snowboarding last night for a couples hours (thanks Jason). Holding at 160#. Just won an eBay for a Polar Power Meter System And Infrared Interface for the S725X. Will calibrate the S1 footpod for it this week. I will have more data than what I know what to do with! The Garmin Edge 305 and my Timex Bodylink system are going on eBay soon. I'm just used to the data recording that Polar has. I wonder how Brett did?

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Mucho Changes

Hmmmm, where to start?
My GF & I are no more; she's a great person, we just couldn't get it together. I'm down to 159 lbs and still haven't put in enough hours; I only did about 3-4 hours so far this week; most of it x-c skiing. Finally received my new Polar S725X, so I'll be set for biking and running. Just picked up a new Imac (20")....yep, going back to da Mac after 12 years since I last had one. And that whole work thing is keeping me real busy. Hopefully I'll get in some "quality time" in this weekend.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

An Evil Distraction

There is an evil distraction to my training routine.....Guitar Hero. It's a disease. Donny has sucked Gary, Anna, John & I on this downward spiral into the abyss like the addicts we have become.

It's all part of his plan to keep us off the trainers/running/weights so that he can train in secret and drop us like a kid sister on the first climb. I'm wise to you buddy....I'm doing the 12 step process for game addicts and hope to recover from this terrible affliction.
Uh, we're having challenge matches this week, donny...................
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Ritchey BreakAway Review

I had a request to do a review on my Ritchey. I actually have two BreakAways; a 2 yr old 54cm Steel road bike and a 4 month old 54cm Ti 'Cross BreakAway. I'll put it up within the day or so w/pictures. The quick thought on them. I love them; if you travel you can't beat the ride they give and not having to pay the extra airline fee or shipping them seperately (I've done both with other bikes). Plus they are easy to pack & unpack.

Heck, for all of the promoting I've done for them in the past; Tom R. ought to sponsor my a$$!

Anyway, more to come.
I've used my steel road breakaway (BAB) not just traveling, but for awhile; for road/crit racing. Is it as stiff as my Specialized Allez Pro? Uh, of course not. But it can be raced with and handles very well. The steel 'cross BAB was a blast to ride and only weighed about little over a pound more than the Ti. Ah, the Ti....I have not had it much on the road, but I'm loving it so far. I'm looking forward to taking to FL a couple of times in the next two months and CO maybe this summer.

OK, now for the "bad"; the fork on the 'cross bike (any 'cross bike almost) shakes under (hard?) breaking....which is fine for 'cross but scarey as shit on the road. That is my only dissapointment with that bike. I will buy a road fork for the non-cyclocross season; as much as I like to fly down decents. If you are not going to get the 'cross....the Ti/Steel road frame/fork are tastey.

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