Monday, February 12, 2007

Ritchey BreakAway Review

I had a request to do a review on my Ritchey. I actually have two BreakAways; a 2 yr old 54cm Steel road bike and a 4 month old 54cm Ti 'Cross BreakAway. I'll put it up within the day or so w/pictures. The quick thought on them. I love them; if you travel you can't beat the ride they give and not having to pay the extra airline fee or shipping them seperately (I've done both with other bikes). Plus they are easy to pack & unpack.

Heck, for all of the promoting I've done for them in the past; Tom R. ought to sponsor my a$$!

Anyway, more to come.
I've used my steel road breakaway (BAB) not just traveling, but for awhile; for road/crit racing. Is it as stiff as my Specialized Allez Pro? Uh, of course not. But it can be raced with and handles very well. The steel 'cross BAB was a blast to ride and only weighed about little over a pound more than the Ti. Ah, the Ti....I have not had it much on the road, but I'm loving it so far. I'm looking forward to taking to FL a couple of times in the next two months and CO maybe this summer.

OK, now for the "bad"; the fork on the 'cross bike (any 'cross bike almost) shakes under (hard?) breaking....which is fine for 'cross but scarey as shit on the road. That is my only dissapointment with that bike. I will buy a road fork for the non-cyclocross season; as much as I like to fly down decents. If you are not going to get the 'cross....the Ti/Steel road frame/fork are tastey.

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Blackbird said...

Thanks for the review!

MisterMo said...

Does the ti cross have rack or fender mounts? thanks.

Rick said...

yes it does have rack and fender mounts.....sorry for the delayed reply!