Friday, January 8, 2016

I haven't fallen asleep!

Is Blogging a dying form of communication? by looking at mine you would think so! Too many changes to go over now but let's start off with a picture of my latest babe.....The 2015 Focus Cayo Disc 3.0! Yeah, the S-Works Venge is history along with my delicious Enve 6.7s...... I did replace the standard DT Swiss wheelset with the Reynolds Assaults and have been very pleased with them. I have also put on my zero offset Thompson seatpost and 90mm stem to be better fitted. I'm trying out the Fizik Arione VSX saddle to get more comfort than the stock saddle. More later....really!


Arne said...

Can you say more about the ride qualities of the Wilier Cross Carbon you previously posted about in 2014? I recently bought the same model and vintage of frame and trying to decide if it will suit my needs. I'm planning on using the bike as a "do it all" sort of bike: road, back road, some gravel, commuting. I'm not doing any cross racing, so worried the bike might be too specialized for my needs.

Mostly wondering how the bike handles. The seat tube and head tube angles are fairly upright, so wondering what your experience has been as far as how stable the bike is on the road, and if the steering is aggressive.


Rick said...

Sorry it took this long to get back to you.....I have moved to the West Coast!

The Wilier was a fantastic bike and was one of my could do everything very well. I would have kept it if I didn't already own a Ritchey Ti Break-A-Way.

I hope this helps.