Saturday, May 28, 2016

Going back to Cali.....

Yup, that's right! I made some great friendships in FL, mostly through the group I rode with; the MCC crew. I just had this nagging bug in me to get back out to the west coast..... I've been hired by Lezyne as a CSR/Acct Rep. I've only been out here eight weeks and still getting used to the time change and working "normal hours" but so far I feel that I have made the right decision. This is despite missing some good friends. I will be back there every x-mas break because my family gets together at IRB for 2+ weeks. So I left for Cali on March 10th. The move out was painful to say the least...I really had to pair down to the bare minimum; maybe too bare! The trip out there with the Honda Element and a 5x8' trailer is something I don't ever want to do again!
Lezyne is a great company and one I feel I can grow with.

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