Saturday, November 1, 2014

Edinburgh Cross Race 2014

My first (and only so far) cyclocross race this season. Ironic what happens when you work at a bike shop you don't get to race as much! For some reason the sand pit owned me that day.....I didn't get through it clean once. The bunny hop over the log at 18-20 mph was my redemption! This was my first race on the Wilier and the bike is fantastic! I'm not getting rid of the Ritchey Ti Cross but this Wilier is sweet! I'm only a couple of months away from racing in the 55+ class instead of the stacked 45+ class. I came in 7th I believe; about in the middle of the age group. I'm hoping to get 1-3 more racings in before the season ends. I hope everyone is having a great season out there! Ciao, Rick

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